Things I’ve Googled That Would Be Great Therapist Blog Post Topics

A while ago, I started writing down some of my mental health related google searches and I believe they would be great therapist blog post topics.

According to Internet Live Stats, google processes over 40,000 searches every second. That’s around 1.2 trillion searches per year!

And as a researcher, it’s likely that around 1 billion of those searches are the ones that I’m doing. I research everything. And judging by those numbers, I’m not the only one that turns to search.

My research isn’t limited to typical stuff like email marketing software comparisons, vegan walking sandals, and mysterious body symptoms that I hope Dr. Google will tell me are nothing to worry about at 2 am when it’s far too late to call an actual doctor.

A large quantity of my searches have been on things that have to do with mental health, relationships, and emotional wellness too.

So what have I been googling? And how can it help you?

How This List Can Help You

I hope this list will help in two ways:

  1. Give you blog post ideas – if something I googled is something you would like to write a blog post or create other content on, please copy and paste my question and directly use it. This is me giving you permission and encouragement to copy and paste anything in this post for a therapist blog.
  2. Give you content inspiration – perhaps these won’t directly be things you’ll create content on but they may spark an idea for something similar in your niche. Looking at the way that these things are phrased may help you with how to approach creating content on what your best fit client is searching for.

How This List Is Organized

To be honest, this is unusual blog post content and I wasn’t sure how to present this information. Even though the chronology of these queries was lost by doing this, the queries are in categories that have meaning for those looking at these as content inspiration.

I went with four categories, definitions, helping others, life hacks and optimizations, and personal. The personal category being the most directly dealing with specific stuff in my person and other categories being a bit more universally applicable.

Things I’ve Googled That Would Be Great Therapist Blog Post Topics


  • What is the problem with permissive parenting?
  • What are panic attacks?
  • What do panic attacks feel like?
  • How to recognize when someone is codependent
  • What is emotional abuse?
  • What are the signs of emotional abuse?
  • ACES
  • ACES Test

Helping Others

  • How to help someone with an eating disorder
  • How to deal with a partner who is depressed
  • What to do when someone is having a panic attack
  • How to handle it when someone is always negative
  • What to do when someone close to you is racist
  • How to motivate someone to thinking more positively
  • What to do when you hate your friend’s boyfriend
  • What to do when someone close to your is a TERF
  • What to do when a friend is a bad parent
  • How to help a hypochondriac
  • What to do when family members don’t get along
  • Helping a friend with domestic violence

Life Hacks and Life Optimization

  • How to improve productivity
  • How to figure out your purpose in life
  • What should I be doing with my life?
  • How to be ok with not being productive


  • Do I have to forgive my parents for being abusive?
  • What is forgiveness?
  • How to have enjoyable sex as a sexual trauma survivor
  • Memories in the body after childhood sexual abuse
  • Dance and healing from sexual abuse

What Stands Out To Me About The Stuff I’ve Googled

Most of these things are questions. Based on myself as the only data point, if you’re a therapist who wants to create content, you can try using the question format for headlines and content within your posts and they will be more likely to match the question in your best fit client’s mind.

Most of these things are relationship-focused. Almost all of these have to do with helping my partner, family, friends.

Humans care about the relationship stuff. Whether you are a relationship therapist or not, ask yourself what your best fit client is struggling with when it comes to their relationships.

Most of these are pretty painful. I’m a sexual abuse survivor and have done a lot of processing but I still have a ton of painful, complicated, and difficult stuff come up. We all do, past traumas or no.

Your task as a content creator is to figure out where your ideal client is and what they are being challenged by. What’s on their mind in the stage of healing that they are in?

Here’s A Blog That Is Doing It Right

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Kali Munro who’s blog has come up again and again over the years of searching for answers as a sexual abuse survivor.

Thinking deeper about the content from Kali’s blog, I don’t think it’s often that the blog post title matches exactly what I type into the search box. Rather it’s something from within the body of a post or closely related enough that google found the post to be relevant to what I did type in.

This is an example of creating content FOR your clients’ pain. When you write good and valuable content, the SEO value will happen naturally.

So Kali, thanks for your blog. It’s helped me so much.

Check out Kali’s blog if you want an example of a therapist who is doing content right.

Content Helps

Content helps you get found and it also helps you help. Sharing what you know is a beautiful form of compassion.

Once your best fit client lands on your site, your content, be it written, video, or audio/podcast content, is a major way that they can see if you’re a good fit for them too.

If you are already talking about the things that they were just searching for yesterday, you’ll confirm that you know where they are coming from, and they didn’t even have to step into your office or pick up the phone to get to know that about you.

So I hope my sharing of this list helps you think through your content strategy. Feel free to reach out if you end up writing on any of these topics. Would love to read what you come up with.

(Or, even if you don’t reach out, I’ll probably find you in my research. I’m looking at you Sharon Martin!)

Kat Love

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