Therapy Website Design Portfolio & Member Showcase

Check out some of the therapists that are using Empathysites for their unique website.

Emily Swanson, MFT

California, USA

Emily Swanson practices holistic and nature-centered therapy as well as focusing on highly-sensitive people. Emily believes in reconnecting with the magic, beauty, and aliveness of the natural world so we can better connect with our inner self.


Francesca Redden

Tasmania, Australia

Francesca is an intuitive counsellor and heart-mind embodiment mentor who supports people to awaken their true self and reclaim their innate body wisdom through nervous system healing.

Tom Bruett Psychotherapy

California, USA

Tom is an MFT Registered Intern who helps people become more connected, open, and reinvigorated in life with a focuses on relationships, LGBT, and addiction therapy.

Therapy Websites Included in The Showcase

Jeremy O'Brien LCSW

California, USA

Jeremy O'Brien collaborates with his clients to reduce the effects of past trauma and abuse. Using narrative therapy, he focuses on helping clients find solutions that work to create inner peace.

Westlake Village Counseling

California, USA

Daniela is a therapist who helps people with chronic pain, illness, and anxiety so they can live their lives with greater ease and comfort.


Jan Fleming

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Jan helps people lower their stress and anxiety by helping them connect with their strengths and abilities, and clarifying what’s most important to them.

Colorado Teen Therapy

Colorado, USA

Colorado Teen Therapy is a group practice that specializes in working with teens and their parents as they navigate the challenges of the teen years.


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