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A Handful Of Sites We've Designed

Flourish Counseling

Flourish Counseling provides care for those experiencing emotions that feel out of control, a sense of purposelessness, or who are feeling overwhelmed in Arizona.

Emily Swanson MFT

Emily Swanson, MFT is passionate about helping neurodivergent and highly sensitive people throughout california.

Adaptive Counseling & Therapy

Adaptive Counseling & Therapy helps transform lives through kind, compassionate, and effective therapy across New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Nolan Johnson MFT

Nolan Johnson, MFT provides care for teens and young adults experiencing a lot of pressure, and who are feeling stressed in life in Campbell, California.

Emily Morgan, LMFT

Emily Morgan, LMFT provides care for those experiencing out of control emotions, confusion about their past, or grief across California and Florida.

Megan Mountcastle, LICSW

Megan Mountcastle, LICSW provides care to adults experiencing chronic overthinking and excessive amounts of worry, and young adults feeling panicky about life across Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Mindful Connections Therapy

Catherine Kiley, LMHC works with young professionals and adults who are struggling with anxiety, perfectionism and relationships in the state of New York, USA.

Dr. Lori Husband

Dr. Lori Husband helps with anxiety, relationship challenges, job dissatisfaction and burnout in Tennessee, USA.

Simply Thrive Solutions

Glenise Ferguson, LCSW provides care for those experiencing excessive worry, out of control emotions, and feeling hopeless in life in Arlington, TX, USA.

Erin Hertrich, LCSW, PMH-C

Erin Hertrich, LCSW works with adults who want to feel more confident in themselves as people and as parents via online therapy for NJ, PA, and FL residents - USA.

Bay Area DBT & Couples Counseling Center

The Bay Area DBT & Couples Counseling Center helps adults with DBT services as well as relationship counseling in California, USA.

Dr. Dhruvi Kakkad, Ph.D.

Dr. Dhruvi Kakkad, Ph.D. specializes in helping clients struggling with anxiety and stress, relationship challenges, and navigating life transitions in Nashville, TN, USA.

Samantha Davila, LCSW

Samantha Davila, LCSW works with teens who have ongoing challenges with depression and anxiety in Austin, TX, USA

Healing With Wisdom

Kerri-Anne Brown is a pregnancy and infant loss advocate, a grief and recovery guide in Florida, USA.

Virginia Gilbert, MFT

Virgina helps people struggling with high conflict divorce California, USA.

Jeremy O'Brien, LCSW

Jeremy O'Brien collaborates with his clients to reduce the effects of past trauma and abuse in California, USA.

Dr. Nahumck Therapy

Dr. Nahumck helps individuals and couples reconnect with their authentic selves in California, USA

Chicago Compass Counseling

Chicago Compass Counseling is a group practice that specializes in behavior change counseling in Illinois, USA.

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