Simple Pricing


and $75/mo
starting on day one of
your website design

Pricing is charged in US dollars.

What's Included

Our Proven, Three-Phase Process

Phase 1

Website Content

Content editing session

Bring your website copy and we'll edit together. Ensure your words help clients feel they are in the right place, understand how you work, and reach out.

Image Finding Session

Find images that completely align with your vibe: who you help, how you help them, and the energy you bring during sessions.

Tech Session

Let's plan your website tech stuff like domains, email, EHR, schedulers, and more. You will get full tech clarity.

Proven Formulas & Guides

Website Header, Footer, & Navigation Formulas, Image Finding Guide & Video, Technical Guide & Worksheet

Phase 2

Website Design

Setup 7 pages/posts (add ons available below for more pages)

Your choice of template

We insert your logo, content, and photos

We customize your fonts & colors

2 rounds of design revisions

Free domain or existing domain hook up

Connect to your email provider

Email list subscribe forms

Link to EHR


Phase 3

Ongoing Assistance

Request unlimited updates

Content & blog post insertion

Add unlimited pages after launch

Go Beyond: Get Add On Services

Go beyond our base package with add ons for your site design or anytime

Don't Have Written Content Yet?

Writing Program

Get walked through planning and writing your website from scratch. Includes 30 days of Empathycopy (solo or group), a website planning session, and a done-with-you writing session.

Writing Sessions
$260/ session

Maybe you've attempted to write your website yourself and need an hour or two of professional support. If yes, write together in real-time with Kat in a done-with-you writing session.

Design Add Ons

Add Pages
During Design
$79/ 5 pages

If you have more than 7 pages to add during your design phase get 5 more for $79 or 10 for $139.


If you already have an existing site, get up to 30 total pages/posts migrated.

Anytime Add Ons

Starting at $597

Ongoing assistance includes unlimited updates but if you want to get your website completely redesigned overnight, our redesign service can help.


Change your private practice's name or get married and need a new domain to match? We'll update your site to a new domain.

Add On Domain
$20/ year

If you are changing your site to a new domain, we'll connect, redirect, and manage your additional domain.

Get More Clients,
Get More Referrals,
Get A Website You Love

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I schedule the coaching sessions?

Currently have availability USA mornings, Mon, Tues, Wens. For most therapists, they will want to schedule a coaching session every other week to allow time to work on content between sessions.

How long will it take to create my Empathysite?

Your three coaching sessions can be weekly or every other week - meaning coaching takes 3-5 weeks. Once we have your content in-hand, we need 3-4 weeks to design your site.

What does $75 per month get me?

Above, we have listed our ongoing website assistance tasks in brief, of which you get unlimited requests. For a detailed look, please browse our help center articles on using your ongoing assistance.

What does unlimited requests mean?

You'll be able to send as many requests for assistance as you'd like, one at a time. We'll collaborate to ensure we implement your request fully and once complete, you can send another request.

Will I be able to make my own edits and updates to my site?

Yes! Although we're a done-for-you service, you can also update your site yourself. We're just an email away if you'd like guidance.

Do you do SEO?

We provide foundational SEO features like clean code, excellent design, and the best SEO content analysis tools for you to use. We do not provide SEO services. See a list of included SEO.

Do you write my website pages for me?

No, Empathysites is not a writing service but we can do content editing together in a coaching session. For help with writing before we edit, check out our writing program above, our sister service Empathycopy, or writing coaching with Kat.

Can you move my site content from my current website?

We can. Migration of your website content is an available setup add on if you'd like us to grab content from your existing website instead of sending documents.

Do I need to buy my own domain (aka: website address)?

No, you don't have to buy your own domain. Empathysites includes the purchase and management of a domain for you.

I already have a domain. Can I use it for my Empathysite?

Yes! Your domain can be connected to your Empathysite and we will do that for you.

Do I need my own hosting?

No. All Empathysites members are hosted on our secure platform. So we'll take care of that.

Can I set up email?

Yes, and we will help walk with you through that process. We can help with connecting your domain to any email service that you would like to use.

Who owns my site?

You own an exclusive license to use your Empathysite design as long as you are with our service. Read more about how site ownership works.

I have more questions

Check out the FAQ in our help center or email us [email protected]

Get a beautiful and professionally designed therapist website now.

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