Why Sounding Like A Broken Record Is a Good Thing

Remember that college research paper you procrastinated writing until the very last minute? Remember how you crammed to do the research and the writing in the 72 hours before it was due? Remember how supporting the paper’s thesis in the body paragraphs felt excruciatingly repetitive? Like, “O how I love thee, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844! Let me count the ways…” And then you counted. Forever.

But at least you aced the paper!

Sounding like a broken record, contrary to how it may feel, can actually be a good thing. In a last minute well written piece of academic research or on a website, supporting the central focus is everything.

A research paper has a bit of an advantage over a website. Most people read research papers from beginning to end. There is a linear pattern to research paper consumption. Or at least, if a reader skips ahead in the paper, they will realize that they may have missed out on a foundational part of the paper’s argument.

In websites, yeah, well, you can’t anticipate the point of entry nor the route the visitor takes. A visitor could get a link from a friend to your about page and start there. A visitor might find your author description next to an article you’ve written and google your name find your home page. Or, a visitor might discover your blog post on social media and enter your website through that blog post. All three visitors will enter the website on a completely different page, one on the about page, one on your home page, and one on your blog page.

This means you must repeat your vital information and your central solution on every page of your website. And this is also the the broken record record feeling part part.

Repeat repeat repeat.

Here’s the vital information that should be on every page of your website:

  • Your name
  • Your physical contact information: phone and address
  • Your digital contact information: email address (preferably a mail-to link), social media links, skype or other chat information.
  • Navigation so that visitors may get from the page they enter to other pages

This vital information can be placed in the header or footer of your website. Having your vital information consitently in the same spot on every page of your website will make it possible for clients and potential clients to get in touch with you and find their way around the site.

And what about reiterating the help you are offering? Reiterating your solution? It’s all about repetitive solution giving and I will tell you why:

Because your solution is your website’s focus.

People don’t visit your site to look at kitten photos, to purchase a cell phone case, or because they think it will be filled with jokes.

People visit your website to hear about your solution. So provide the description of that solution freely, awesomely, and probably more often than you think necessary!

Every visitor will have a unique experience of your website. Where they are directed from, the page on which they first land, the mood they’re in, what exactly they are seeking – there are so many factors that will affect that particular visitor’s journey through your website. The uniqueness of your visitors is another huge reason to ensure that your central offerings appear in multiple places throughout your site. No matter how your visitors travel through the site, they should get the information they are seeking.

For example, if you specialize in treating clients with depression, find a way to incorporate that information repetitively. How can you discuss your specialization in treating clients struggling with depression on the FAQ page? How can you mention it on the contact page?

And by repetitively, I don’t mean copy and paste the same two lines onto every page. Repeat your solutions in different wording each time. Focus on communicating your message and not necessarily the exact words.

You might feel like you’re being overly repetitive but sounding like a broken record is a good thing. (BONUS: Search engines love broken records. Winning at SEO, yes please!).

So, does your website repeat your solutions enough? Is it clear on any page who you are, what you offer, and how to get in touch? Let me know by contacting me or tweeting me anytime. I would love to hear from you./

Photo by Markus Spiske (CC BY 2.0)

Kat Love

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