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Pencils for writing your social media content

When it comes to writing posts for social media, you might be struggling with ideas for what to post, or you might not be, you might be bursting at the seams with value you’d like to share. Whatever the case may be, having ideas on what to post is not the same as having a guide on what you’ll post each day.

You don’t want to be that person who is constantly repeating themselves.

You don’t want to be that person that only self promotes.

You don’t want to be that person that never has original content and only re-posts and re-shares what other people are doing.

You want to be awesome at social media which means being authentic and open to making real connections with people. And having a social media content calendar can help you get there.

The Benefits of Having a Social Media Content Calendar

Having a social media content calendar has many benefits.

  • Ensure there is a variety of content being posted – a calendar can help you ensure you’re not being super repetitive.
  • Save time while reducing decision fatigue – when you have clearly outlined the types of content you’ll be posting on each day of the week, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend deciding on what to post next.
  • Allows you to schedule far in advance – no tweeting during your vacation, you can schedule for weeks and months in advance.
  • You can hire help – having a clear calendar of what’s to be posted and when means it’s systematized in a way that’s easier to outsource to a virtual assistant.

The Social Media Content Calendar for Therapists


Here is a social media content calendar for therapists that can be used and adapted to be used on almost any social media platform

This particular calendar is most suitable for FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you can also use a similar approach on Pinterest, Instagram and others just by tweaking the type of content posted.

How to Download The Calendar (No Optin Required)

  1. Access the social media content calendar on google drive (free, no-opt in required, although if you like this you’ll love being on my email list too, just saying)
  2. If you have google account, go to “File” and then “Make a copy…” to make your own editable copy of the social media content calendar to your google drive (it should save it to the root folder of your google drive).
    Make a copy of social media content calendar for therapists
  3. If you do not have a google account you can also download as an excel spreadsheet or pdf. To do so, go to “File” then “Download as” and then choose the format that you would like. “Microsoft Excel” as well as “PDF document” are options that you will find there.
    Download the social media content calendar as a spreadsheet

About The Free Social Media Content Calendar

The content calendar outlines a strategy for posting one post per day. Posting once a day is a good place to start, it makes it easier to write posts in advance allowing you to at least have one thing posted every day. Once you fill up your calendar for a comfortable amount of time, you can always add more posts per day as you wish or have time to do so.

The calendar is optimized for Hootsuite CSV bulk scheduling (premium feature) when it comes to the “Date/Time” column. Edit the column format to fit you!

Each category of post is color coordinated, below is an outline of what each color category means and what the suggested content is all about! Check out this monster list of 50 social media post ideas for more detailed inspiration.


Tag or mention other professionals and share the valuable content that they produce. You could also refer another therapist or healer or a cool wellness business that you know of. Networking posts are also an opportunity to reach out to industry leaders or inspiratons.

Suggested frequency: Every week


Tell us what you offer and why it’s awesome. A mini-sales pitch is perfectly ok from time to time. Ideas for self promo posts include posting a link to your website or services page, sharing that you have a free consultation for new clients, posting your about page or your own social media profiles and inviting people to follow you there too.

Suggested frequency: Every other week

Original Content

Tell a story, give a couple sentences of encouragement or advice, describe a mindfulness activity, think of original content as a micro blog post: high value information compressed into a few sentences. Also a great opportunity to start a series of posts here, example: “Self care tip #12, take a break…”

Suggested frequency: Every week


Words are great but pictures are also a very valuable form of communication. Share a photo of a book your recommend, a photo from an event or conference, a photo that shows your office space or some cozy pillows. This could also be an opportunity to show charts or graphics too.

Suggested frequency:  Every other week


Post a quote that speaks to your audience with compassion and recognizes what’s important to them and what they may be going through. What quote may help them?

Suggested frequency: Every other week


A great way to get engagement: ask something. It can just be casual questions like what people are up to this week or how they are doing. Or it can be more specific, like asking for what people’s favorite book is lately.

Suggested frequency:  Every other week

Guest Post

You are trying to get yourself out there into the media and writing guest blogs too right? Make sure you have some space in your social media content calendar for sharing these along.

Suggested frequency:  Every other week

Curated Link

Share links to articles, posts, and resources you believe will help your audience. It could be a link to a great article, a link to a facebook group that might help someone, a relevant news story, or an infographic with tips.

Suggested frequency: Every week

My Blog Posts

Don’t forget to share the value that you are creating in your own blog. You can share links to posts that you’ve written on your website. As long as the posts aren’t self-promotion style posts, it’s great to keep your content in high circulation in your social media.

Suggested frequency: Twice a week

Advanced Tips

This freebie calendar could be just the beginning. There are a lot of ways that you could take this starting off point and make it even better.

Another advanced tip is to add seasonal content. What events or holidays are meaningful or impactful in your audience’s lives? Making a note of those dates and posting special posts to social media for those dates can really help show how sensitive and in touch you are with what’s going on.

You can also use tools to auto-post your blog posts to your social media. If you are blogging regularly, consider if you really need to write a separate post and schedule it or if it would be ok to have that automated direct from your blog.

On the days when you are posting content to help with networking with colleagues and referral sources, be sure to tag the person you are trying to network with. This way, they’ll be able to feel the love.

And a final tip is to publish posts based on the times that fit your audience’s levels of engagement. If you are using social media tools, you can track this through their analytics, if not, you can also research the net for general ideas of when people are online the most from your demographic.

Ultimately, Social Media is About Connection

Although social media is more and more becoming a place for ads to creep into our lives, it’s also the place where a lot of modern people spend their time connecting with others.

If you ask the normal people why they spend so much time on social media, it’s likely that it comes down to the social aspect.

Knowing that social media is for connecting can help take the pressure off. Instead of trying to have some perfect social media content, try to think of it as an extension of the help you are offering in your services.

How can you help people with the small bits of information you offer? I would love to know what you’re doing to extend help and inspiration to people through your social media. Reach out to me anytime or tweet me, it’s fun to hear your thoughts.

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