The Best Therapists
On TikTok

Kat Love
September 26, 2022

This post of the best therapists on TikTok exists to inspire private practice therapists in their marketing. You loved our post on the Best Therapists On Instagram, so we thought we'd gather together the best there is on TikTok too.

This list will help you:

  • Get inspired for what type of content to post on your TikTok account
  • Find ways to get seen beyond your local community
  • Build authority within your expertise - great for raising your rates, gaining confidence (bye-bye impostor syndrome), or building a stronger referral network
  • Expand to multiple income streams like courses, memberships, workshops, retreats, or books

TikTok, as well as short form video content on other major platforms like YouTube shorts or Instagram Reels, can help you accomplish all of these, and more.

We're Focusing On Therapists Who Are Creating Content For People

As a blog focused on helping therapists get clients, for this list, we've narrowed focus on therapists who are creating content for clients.

We absolutely love that therapists are out there creating content for other therapists, as lifestyle brands (get those brand deals :), or as social justice advocates. But that's not the focus of our list.

We found therapists who are creating content to help people with their mental health in a way that would potentially translate into attracting therapy clients or growing a referral network.

How We Selected The Best Therapists On TikTok

What makes a therapist's TikTok account worthy of being in this post?

  1. Posting regularly. These therapists post regularly - some as frequently as once a day!
  2. Clarity in the subject matter. Viewers know exactly what type of value the therapist is bringing
  3. Identity on point. Through the style of the content, these therapists on TikTok have built a recognizable identity.
  4. Building followers and engagement. These therapists have built followings of 10k or more highly engaged followers, we heavily considered follower count as "votes" in favor of a therapist being among the best. Audience knows best.

The Best Therapists On TikTok

Dr. Julie Smith
@drjuliesmith // 3.9M followers

Dr. Julie Smith's content features talking in front of a colorful bookcase sharing quick tips, stories, and lists such as “3 signs you are gaslighting yourself.”

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Julie Smith, Dr. Smith discusses how overexplaining can be a way people pleasers attempt to validate that their needs are ok with others.

What we love about Dr. Julie Smith's TikToks: The high production quality mixed with excellent writing, the videos are no-fluff and to-the-point. The use of props to bring stories to life captures attention and can lighten up otherwise heavy insights.

Dr. Kojo Sarfo
@dr.kojosarfo // 2.3M followers

Dr. Kojo Sarfo's content features acting out relatable mental health moments, portraying conversations with loved ones, and demonstrating what mental health challenges feel like including everything from ADHD to toxic relationships.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Kojo Sarfo, Dr. Sarfo demonstrates the moment you realize you are in mania with text saying, “When you realize that you've been talking super fast, haven't slept in days, and find yourself deep cleaning the house at 2AM”

What we love about Dr. Kojo Sarfo's TikToks: It’s the self-acceptance for us. Dr. Sarfo’s weaves self-acceptance messages into much of the content. From encouraging celebration of small wins in a sobriety journey to normalizing how hard depression is paired with the message “please don’t judge yourself” Dr. Sarfo’s content sees, hears, and accepts the audience. Lowering shame and stigma ftw.

Jeff Guenther
@therapyjeff // 2.1M followers

Jeff Guenther’s content features talking in front of two windows - sharing insights, lists, and answering questions such as “Should you check your ex’s social media?”

As an example of a recent popular video from Jeff Guenther, Jeff shared 5 things to keep in mind when the honeymoon phase is over in a relationship.

What we love about Jeff Guenther's TikToks: Authenticity blended with a mindful abandon of “I have to say what a typical therapist would say” - Jeff’s content connects because it’s real. Quick, witty, and self sarcastic, Jeff drops mental health and relationship insights that land exactly within the real struggles that many face.

Dr. Courtney // 1.8M followers

Dr. Courtney’s content mostly features portraying conversations between therapist and client, as well as occasional “influencer style” content or personal shares about anxiety and BPD.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Courtney, Dr. Courtney portrayed a conversation between a therapist and a parent discussing the importance of bonding with your teen rather than forcing the teen to family gatherings to get them to bond with others in the family.

What we love about Dr. Courtney's TikToks: So much to love about Dr. Courtney’s content. It’s clear that Dr. Courtney is popular on TikTok because it’s speaking the language of TikTok: meaning relatable content that leverages trends and therapy session portrayals that are quick and enlightening. But the real magic may be that Dr. Courtney is open about having anxiety and BPD and how challenging that can be.

KC Davis
@domesticblisters // 1.4M followers

KC Davis’ content is a peek into real life including “strugglecare” tips, TikTok trends, social commentary, and recently the documentation of backyard baby pool tadpoles.

As an example of a recent popular video from KC Davis, KC stitches a clip of a peaceful forest tiny home reminding the audience that, “you’d be mentally ill there too” and encouraging us to enjoy looking at the image rather than convincing ourselves we need to live there.

What we love about KC Davis’ TikToks: For anyone who’s ever struggled to take care of themselves, KC Davis’ “strugglecare” content helps normalize what is often a huge source of shame. Through providing specific “patterns” of action that someone can take, the audience learns how to overcome otherwise overwhelming domestic tasks.

Dr. Joe Kort
@drjoekort // 601k followers

Dr. Joe Kort’s content is primarily speaking direct into the camera -either sharing an insight or replying to comments.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Joe Kort, Dr. Kort explains that a your adult site browsing history and childhood can tell you a lot about your adult sexual play. Specifically that childhood trauma and how we were loved as children can transform into adult sexual behavoir, "turning trauma into triumph." Dr. Kort normalizes this happening, encouraging viewers, "don't be so ashamed about it."

What we love about Dr. Joe Kort’s TikToks: Dr. Joe Kort is a LGBT thought leader of our time. While he is probably most known for his content on male sexuality including how straight men can be with men and still be straight and the creation and existence of "sides" to describe sexual play preference, Dr. Joe is also incredibly open to being seen. Dr. Kort shares about his own sexuality, what it's like to be married to a man with aspergers, and even using a hair system.

Alysia Schwartz, MA, LADC, LPCC
@that.anxious.therapist // 562k followers

Alysia Schwartz’s content is primarily leveraging TikTok sounds to create a shared reality about mental health both by speaking to and for the client but also being human and open about being bi and body positive.

As an example of a recent popular video from Alysia Schwartz, Alysia points out the eerie accuracy of the TikTok algo by pointing out that if a viewer sees the video on their FYP, aka: for you page, then they’ve made it to the mental health side of TikTok.

What we love about Alysia Schwartz’s TikToks: Mental health stuff but make it fun. Alysia’s content is a perfect example of how to fully embrace TikTok culture and connect with the community. Going with the flow of available music and sounds, Schwartz uses them to entertain and enlighten. Who knew having anxiety could be so funny?

Dr. Nicole LePera
@theholisticpsychologist // 404k followers

Dr. Nicole LePera’s content includes tips like “how to set a boundary” or reparent yourself, lists, and portraying conversations between a parent and child to convey the damaging effects of abuse and attachment wounds. You might also recognize Dr. Nicole LePera from our article on best therapist instagram accounts.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Nicole LePera, Dr. Nicole demonstrates an interaction between a Mother and child where the child is given “the silent treatment.” In the video, the child shares what they are learning from this treatment. The conclusion being that “the silent treatment” is a form of emotional abuse.

What we love about Dr. Nicole LePera’s TikToks: Dr. Nicole’s parent/child conversations really illuminate what’s happened for so many in their past. Instead of starting with what’s happening today, Dr. Nicole starts with where it started: childhood. This unique approach drives home how trauma formed - allowing the audience to draw a straight line between what happened in childhood and why they behave the way they do today.

Your Pocket Therapist
@your_pocket_therapist // 280k followers

Your Pocket Therapist’s content features sitting in their chair with their dog accompanied by text and music or text and voiceover. Some of the content is a single insight while other content is lists or explanations to common life challenges like, “Why you’re not over them and what to do.”

As an example of a recent popular video from Your Pocket Therapist, Your Pocket Therapist did something different: shared clips from a science experiment demonstrating how neglect affects children and explained via voiceover what’s happening in the clips.

What we love about Your Pocket Therapist’s TikToks: Your Pocket Therapist has created a consistent audio and visual language around serving mental health insights that are relevant and relatable. Every video on this account directly corresponds to something someone in the audience is going through or a question they are asking about themselves, relationships they are in, their own identity, or their life. Your Pocket Therapist isn’t in pockets, more like in our minds and hearts.

Sandy Tufts, LICSW
@therapyghost // 253k followers

Sandy Tufts’ content features speaking direct into the camera in a car or in an interior space answering questions, validating experiences of trauma survivors, or explaining mental health phenomenon like why kids think the abuse is their fault or what it might mean if you think you don’t have a personality.

As an example of a recent popular video from Sandy Tufts, Sandy creates a conversation between a therapist and client demonstrating an example of “how we intellectualize and stay in our thinning brain to distance ourselves from feeling the real feels.”

What we love about Sandy Tufts’ TikToks: Sandy Tufts has created a completely unique brand, who knew ghosts, graveyards, tats, and spooky things could be a trauma recovery vibe? Additionally, content wise, Tufts has a gentle way of illuminating some of the toughest things trauma survivors may be working through. As one commenter said, “So many of the things you say make sense and make me feel seen and not alone” and we agree.

Katie McKenna, MIACP
@katiemckennatherapist // 196k followers

Katie MacKenna’s content is speaking into the camera replying to comments, portraying conversations, and clips from the podcast they co-host called “In Sight Podcast.”

As an example of a recent popular video from Katie McKenna, Katie created a conversation between two people where one person is sharing that they are experiencing an emotionally abusive relationship with their mother and another person implies that it’s ok because “you only have one mother.”

What we love about Katie McKenna’s TikToks: While Katie creates content on a very specific niche, the fawn response in all of it’s forms, the narrow focus actually creates depth that is not seen on other TikTok accounts. From understanding how the fawn response shows up and why to handling current abusive or empath/narcissist-like relationships, Katie shows up for the entire journey that a fawn-tendency human may be on.

Dr. Han Ren
@drhanren // 146k followers

Dr. Han Ren’s content is speaking into the camera from the car or inside of a room and sometimes replying directly to comments or using TikTok sounds with text overlays.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Han Ren, Dr. Han Ren discusses how crisis is comfortable for survivors of complex trauma - chaos and crisis are familiar. But in the end of the video, Dr. Han Ren reminds us that it’s ok to fall apart, move slowly, and feel our feels!

What we love about Dr. Han Ren’s TikToks: Beyond the mental health insights, Dr. Han Ren has a clear dedication to social justice. From discussing what reciprocity would look like from outside of white supremacy system definition to how capitalism thrives off of talents we develop from our trauma to ableism, racism, real accountability, and more. Dr. Han Ren is showing up for the people.

Dr. Kristen Casey
@drkristencasey // 140k followers

Dr. Kristen Casey’s content consists of sharing tips and insights, responding to comments, and also portraying “sessions” by talking to a computer screen or responding to a sound as if it’s a client talking from the computer screen.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Kristen Casey, Dr. Kristen uses a TikTok sound of a voice saying “life is hard and then you die, might as well show your titties” while looking into the computer and nodding as if in a therapy session. Text over the video says, “asking my therapy client to share part of her journal entry on existential life reflections” (For any readers new to TikTok, note this is a TikTok sound that all TikTok consumers would easily identify as a sound and not as a recording from an actual session).

What we love about Dr. Kristen Casey’s TikToks: Dr. Kristen Casey’s content weaves in a different sort of humanity: that of being a therapist in real life situations. From portraying what it’s like to be a therapist going to therapy, working from home, or even dating, the portrayals help us know that Dr. Casey is human too. And there’s something really comforting about that. Like we’re all in this together.

Meg Josephson, MSW
@megjosephson // 136k followers

Meg Josephson’s content includes portraying conversations between a therapist and client, speaking directly to camera with reminders and insights, using TikTok sounds with text over the video, and demonstrating what mental health struggles are like. Josephson also shares a video clip with text overlaying it with a message.

As an example of a recent popular video from Meg Josephson, Josephson demonstrates everyday examples of freeze mode with clips of scrolling on a phone, not drinking water when thirsty, feeling numb or emotionless, wanting to change the channel but can’t, difficulty making decisions. This TikTok got 4 million views!

What we love about Meg Josephson’s TikToks: Josephson has the most diverse types of short form video content that we’ve seen. While many creators stick to just one or two forms of content, like making lists or portraying conversations, Josephson seems to use all types of content. From text with a video and audio, to leveraging a trending TikTok sound, to talking directly into our hearts, Meg’s TikToks are everything.

Melissa Park, MSW
@melissaparkssays // 130k followers

Melissa Park’s content includes speaking direct into camera with insights and recommendations, replying to comments, demonstrating healthier alternatives to our common unwanted behaviors, and using TikTok sounds as well as trends.

As an example of a recent popular video from Melissa Park, Park comedically demonstrates the preparatory steps needed before diving into EMDR - steps like getting a sense of dissociation, understanding attachment history, and bringing in resources. Basically the stuff needed before diving into the trauma itself.

What we love about Melissa Park’s TikToks: Park’s content feels like a conversation. Due to the high number of comments Park replies to as well as the general casual style, it often feels like you’re sitting across from Park in a one-on-one session. The focus on communication and relationship skills also helps the content connect with experiences we face everyday.

Dr. Chris Lee
@drchrislee // 109k followers

Dr. Chris Lee’s content tends to include speaking directly into camera while walking inside or outside - sharing mental health science and education.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Chris Lee, Dr. Lee shares a “mental health tip for lazy people.” Explaining how a simple practice of a 3 minute morning feelings and intention-setting check-in can help you have more good days.

What we love about Dr. Chris Lee TikToks: Dr. Lee’s content breaks down high level mental health science and makes it understandable and applicable to normal life. Whether it’s outlining a roadmap to being more self confident or science-backed stress management techniques, we can count on Dr. Lee to deliver the latest evidence based personal development tips.

Kobe Campbell, LCMHC
@kobecampbell_ // 70k followers

Kobe Campbell’s content consists of speaking directly to camera indoors - sharing mental health insights and explanations. Campbell also occasionally stitches other TikToks, sharing reactions or thoughts.

As an example of a recent popular video from Kobe Campbell, Campbell shares one truth that people struggle to grasp from the perspective of a trauma therapist, that truth being: you’re going to have to heal from a version of someone that doesn’t exist anymore and that if trauma survivors could accept the truth of complicated grief, it could be very helpful in lowering resistance to healing.

What we love about Kobe Campbell’s TikToks: Campbell’s content is equal parts enlightening and encouraging. With an occasional dose of tough-love, Campbell consistently uplifts - like acknowledging the hard work it takes to heal or how respecting one’s own boundaries is critical to others respecting them too.

Dr. Patrice Berry, LCP
@drpatriceberry // 62k followers

Dr. Patrice Berry’s content includes speaking direct into camera with mental health tips, dueting and stiching other TikToks with reactions, using TikTok sounds with text about the experience of therapy, and responding to comments.

As an example of a recent popular video from Dr. Patrice Berry, Dr. Berry duets another TikTok of a speech about the importance of children needing to feel safe. Obviously, Dr. Berry agrees!

What we love about Dr. Patrice Berry TikToks: We love the collaboration Dr. Berry! Stitches and duets are a major part of TikTok culture as is the ability to respond to comments with a TikTok. Dr. Berry’s focus on all the collaboration opportunities builds a sense of community while dropping knowledge. Mixed with the occasional TikTok sound use, Dr. Berry makes mental health stuff less scary and more approachable.

More Therapists Who Are Awesome On TikTok

Here are a handful of other therapists who are creating great content on TikTok

Dr. Joe Kort
@drjoekort // 600k

Real Talk Therapist
@realtalk.therapist // 11k

My Destination, Therapist In Training
@my_destanation // 52k

@newframetherapy // 6k

Morgan Starr-Riestis, Pre-Licensed
@mind.psy.guidance // 17k

Vernique Esther, LSW
@verniqueesther // 12k

@newframetherapy // 6k

Therapy Lauren
@therapylauren // 107k

@perthholisticcounsellor // 30k

Julie Lillis
@juliethe_therapist // 122k

Will Mills, MA, LPC
@counselor.will // 16k

Erica Murphy, LPC
@ericathetherapist // 75k

Kristina Virro
@kristinavirro // 59k

TikTok: May Not Be Therapy But Still So Helpful

As the bios of many therapists across TikTok will remind you: TikTok is not therapy.

That said, therapists on TikTok are broadening what the internet has to offer the world of those suffering. Insights, lists, portraying hard conversations, cultivating a shared reality of what mental health challenges can be like.

The use of video and sound makes TikToks land in another level of our consciousness. Not just words overlaying an image or a still picture - do TikToks and other video content bring even more human connection value? How connecting is it to see faces and hear voices?

From help with relationships to self acceptance. From real brain research to awareness-raising. Therapists on TikTok are helping the world think, feel, and connect better.

Multiple Income Streams: Possible

Interesting to note that many therapists on this list are growing multiple income streams including: groups, workshops, retreats, courses, online communities, memberships, patreon.

An handful also have products or services, like Jeff Guenther who promotes TherapyDen, a therapist directory, or doing advertising services for other brands through brand deals, like KC Davis' Speedi Cooker ads.

Building an audience leads to the opportunity to serve them in a myriad of ways.

We Love The Therapists Of TikTok

If you want to start showing up in a bigger way, fill your practice, gather community and connections, expand to another income stream beyond the one-on-one, then TikTok may be a great place to start showing up.

If you've browsed the list and are feeling inspired, remember that you'll get the best growth with TikTok by posting quality content, consistently, and with joy! If you don't enjoy it, it won't fully work (because how likely are you to be consistent if it's something you dread?)

In addition, as with growing anything anywhere on the internet, growing on TikTok isn't only about posting great stuff - it's also about collaboration. You can grow your reach quicker through the collaboration features of TikTok, the main ones being dueting, stiching, and using other people's sounds.

In addition, replying to comments with a TikTok video reply or gathering questions to reply to from your audience can be helpful as well.

Top growth hint: collaborate with the content of the creators above and you will fast track your way to a large and awesome audience.

Stay inspired and get out there and help. We're cheering you on.

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat! Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse, so I've helped them with websites and marketing for over 7 years. You can get a website designed with us or write your therapist website in the easiest way possible with my easy, fast, and affordable sister solution called Empathycopy. Glad you're here.