The Best Therapist
Instagram Accounts

Kat Love
August 22, 2020

This list of the best therapist Instagram accounts was created to inspire therapists in private practice. You may find this post helpful if:

  • You want to start an Instagram account for your private practice but need some inspiration for the types of content to post
  • You want to expand your visibility beyond your local community
  • You are interested in building authority within your expertise
  • You would like to expand to multiple income streams like courses, memberships, workshops, retreats, or books

Instagram can help you accomplish all of these, and more.

Why These Are The Best Therapists On Instagram

What makes a therapist's instagram account a successful one?

  1. Posting regularly. These therapists post regularly - some as frequently as once a day!
  2. Clarity in the subject matter. The audience these accounts are speaking to is very clear through both what they write in their bio and the consistent messages throughout the content they post.
  3. Identity on point. Through the style of the posts, these therapists on Instagram have built a recognizable visual and written identity.
  4. Building followers and engagement. It can take years to get traction with an Instagram account but these therapists have built followings of 10k or more highly engaged followers.

The Best Therapist Instagram Accounts

Dr. Nicole LePera

@the.holistic.psychologist // 2.8M followers

Dr. Nicole LePera's content features their own words on solid, color backgrounds as well as lists and comparisons. Mixed in you'll find the occasional infographic style data visualization. Almost all posts are paired with 2-3 paragraph micro blog in the caption.

As an example of a recent popular post, Nicole discussed examples of ego stories vs. truths our highest selves will know.

What we love about Dr. Nicole LePera's Instagram: breaks down complex psychological concepts into bite-sized pieces that hit you directly in your day-to-day experiences. Much of the way that Nicole's content reads could be directly from our real-life conversations with others and with ourselves.


Sara Kuburić, MA, CCC

@millennial.therapist // 552k followers

Lists, hard truths, and reminders, Sara's posts are primarily text overlaying dark, mid, or light blue solid color backgrounds. Captions seem to be brief - one sentence - but images themselves pack a lot of high value text.

As an example of a recent popular post, Sara outlined the different ways that the process of growth could look like. With only 7 words in the caption, the image part of the post does most of the work here - speaking to the unique ways people progress in life.

What we love about Sara Kuburić's Instagram: The visual identity feels safe, calming, and stable; exactly what we need to release and breathe during this thing called life. The content is an informative invitation for self reflection helping followers understand their experiences and also their own thoughts and feelings.


Nedra Glover Tawwab, Therapist

@nedratawwab // 539k followers

Their own words & lists. Usually on a white background with yellow graphical accents. Every 10 posts or so is a short videos on topics like getting comfortable with failure and how to stop overthinking.

As an example of a recent popular post, Nedra shares things "I Wish I'd Known Sooner." Including several #nedranuggets of wisdom. We love how engaged the comments section is on this post with many followers adding their own nuggets of wisdom to this list.

What we love about Nedra Glover Tawwab's Instagram: although visually light and bright, Nedra's content is very empowerment focused. Encouraging insights help followers feel stronger and more confident in their boundaries.


Vienna Pharaon

@mindfulmft // 494k followers

Relationship tips, relationship myths, and thoughts and guidance, mostly their own words and thoughts, and mostly text on simple solid black or white colored backgrounds. Vienna alternates between light and dark to create a checkerboard effect. There is also the occasional image of themselves thrown in the mix. Most captions are on the longer side and feel like a micro blog post.

As an example of a recent popular post, Vienna highlights that although people can change, a prerequisite for giving someone a second chance is that they can speak to the growth they’ve had. This: to avoid getting stuck in the same patterns again.

What we love about Vienna Pharaon's Instagram account: Without mention of it in the bio, Vienna seems to focus a lot on helping followers with relationship advice, and no one is complaining. Relationships, after all, “are external representations of our internal worlds,” as Vienna might say, and similar to how relationships tell the story of what still needs our attention, Vienna is also helping us in drawing attention to ourselves and those around us.


Lisa Olivera

@_lisaolivera // 423k followers

Lisa’s therapist Instagram account features their own words on simple, colored background aligning with a consistent visual brand story. Earthy, present, warm. Plus the occasional image of Lisa in the mix as well. For content, Lisa is really leveraging the galleries feature of Instagram which keeps each image less crowded and allows followers to swipe their way through.

An example of a recent popular post was a gallery featuring messages like “soft isn’t weak” and “quiet isn’t silent.” A brief caption elaborated that our complexities exist no matter what assumptions people may make - which mirrors the message provided on the last image in the gallery too.

What we love about Lisa Olivera's Instagram account: We absolutely love how spacious each image feels - no crowding of many points into that small square of space. Content-wise, Lisa’s content feels like gentle food-for-thought with invitations to look both around us but also inside so that we might be able to feel safe with ourselves and see things more clearly. There’s a kindness and caring that emanates from every post.


Sarah Crosby

@themindgeek // 347k followers

Infographic and illustrative style images featuring text. Post are usually paired with long 5-8 paragraph captions that pack a lot of knowledge.

An example of a recent popular post is part of Sarah's series of posts on gaslighting. This post on "The Gaslighter's Script" includes examples of what gaslighting could sound like.

What we love about Sarah Crosby's Instagram: Sarah certainly lives up to being "the mind geek" by sharing both enthusiasm and expertise in mental health and personal development topics. Shared through beautifully created graphics and knowledge-packed captions, Sarah makes mental health information approachable.


Allyson Dinneen

@notesfromyourtherapist // 277k followers

Crumpled, ripped, and real handwritten notes on notebook paper - Allyson Dinneen's therapist Instagram account consists of photographs of actual notes. Captions are kept short typically consisting of a few sentences.

An example of a recent popular post draws attention to the struggle of finding closeness and connection in adult relationships after experiencing childhood emotional neglect.

What we love about Allyson Dinneen's Instagram: This account is named very well. It does feel like followers are getting "notes from their therapist." The realness of each note can be felt in the words but also the textures and authenticity of pen on paper.


Whitney Hawkins Goodman, LMFT

@sitwithwhit // 259k followers

This Instagram account features the therapist's own words on solid, branded backgrounds (white, gray, and blues). Multiple formats of content are used including lists, comparisons, and galleries with multiple graphics. Almost all posts are paired with 2-3 paragraph caption that reads like a micro blog.

As an example of a recent popular post, Whitney Hawkins Goodman addressed parentification, specifically around children taking care of their parent's emotional needs. In addition to explaining why a child can't be their parent's therapist, Whitney also encourages followers who were parentified in this way to release that responsibility now.

What we love about Whitney Hawkins Goodman's Instagram: Whitney makes really deep mental health insights approachable. One of Whitney's instagram posts charting out the difference between toxic positivity and validation went completely viral last year and was featured in media like The Mighty and Bored Panda among many others.


Alishia McCullough

Alishia McCullough's therapist Instagram account features text on bold color backgrounds, memes, photos of herself, as well as promos for events.

An example of a recent popular post examines how white feminists participate in white supremacy. The post features multiple images that educate viewers through.

What we love about Alishia McCullough's Instagram account: This account feels like it's showing up in a major way for two audiences: one being supporting BIPOC and another being educating everyone else on responsible and compassionate allyship. Both are needed.


Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT

@lizlistens // 192k

Elizabeth’s therapist Instagram account features mostly their own words placed in circles. There’s also a lot of use of Instagram galleries feature with multiple images that can be swiped through to tell a story. You’ll also find lists, infographics, and diagrams. With most posts having longer captions, you’ll find that they are typically formatted in individual sentences to break up the longer text.

An example of a recent popular post is a gallery with two images. The first image explains what defensiveness is and the second image provides phrases you can use instead of going into self-protection mode. This allows Elizabeth to deliver more value in the graphics.

What we love about Elizabeth Earnshaw's Instagram account: If we could use one word to describe Elizabeth’s Instagram account it would be: friendly. Even when dropping truth bombs, Elizabeth delivers in a way that feels like having a conversation with a caring friend.


Amanda E. White, LPC

@therapyforwomen // 169k followers

Amanda's instagram account uses mostly their own words placed on branded watercolor accented white backgrounds (a somewhat recent shift in visuals from black, green, and white backgrounds with chunkier text). Amanda also shares TikToks and videos of themself every 4 or 5 posts.

An example of a recent popular post shares the scientific reason why crying emotional tears feels good and is healthy: they release stress hormones. Many followers shared that they cry regularly or want to cry more - which made for interesting conversations in the comments section.

What we love about Amanda E. White's Instagram account: as a self proclaimed retired party girl, Amanda is indeed relatable in a way that is relatable but also lighthearted and funny. The serious stuff, even if it's difficult, is held in a friendly and safe space that Amanda creates.


Jamie Castillo, LCSW (Group Practice)

Jamie's therapist Instagram account is in fact a group practice account, the only one that made it on this list. All posts are branded with the findyourshinetherapy logo or brand colors of white, yellow, and greens. Most posts feature their original words and are paired with a couple paragraph caption elaborating on the message. Words are presented in lists, comparisons, and infographics.

An example of a recent popular post shares a note about loneliness: validating that you can still feel lonely if you have many connections. It also suggests creating a connection as a antidote.

What we love about Jamie Castillo's Instagram account: this account helps followers understand more about their experience of themselves and the world. As trauma therapists, you can feel that many posts help with normalizing what trauma survivors experience after trauma and inspire hope for healing. Also love the use of yellow heart emojis paired with encouraging words in many of the captions.


Minaa B.

@minaa_b // 106k followers

Minaa's Instagram account features mostly their own words on simple white backgrounds with the occasional graphical element, like a partial circle along one edge of the image. Captions discuss the message of the image in a couple paragraphs which seem to be typically followed by a question for the community that commenters can answer in the comments section.

An example of a recent popular post shares what growth looks like including items like, "respecting other people's boundaries" and "letting people express themselves without interrupting." This type of post feels like it's about growth but also inviting people to grow in these specific ways.

What we love about Minaa B's Instagram account: at the end of every caption, Minaa writes a specific question to their audience. This provides followers a way to reflect on and engage with Minaa in a deeper way. So beyond just the content, Minaa has also created a community.


Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersy

@drlaurenfogelmersy // 104k followers

Dr. Lauren's therapist Instagram account features their own words, anatomical diagrams, and infographics. Colors lately have been branded towards white, pinks and greens with plenty of whitespace.

An example of a recent popular post is a illustration of the anatomical clitorus by Hilde Atalanta for The Vulva Gallery. In the post, Dr. Fogel actually recommends that you follow both to learn more about vulva diversity and anatomy.

What we love about Dr. Fogel Mersy's Instagram account: this account feels like the sex education you want but never recieved growing up. Beyond just shame-free sex facts, Dr. Mersy also shares a lot of helpful relationship insights.


Dr. Jenn Hardy

@drjennhardy // 104k

Dr. Jenn Hardy's therapist Instagram account features a mix of photographed hand written post it notes and their own words typed on simple images.

An example of a recent popular post Jenn shares how "Your boss in not your friend" - how treating your relationship with your boss as a friendship can be treacherous in terms of boundaries.

What we love about Dr. Jenn Hardy's Instagram account: This account provides life and career advice in a very direct way. From sharing job interview strategies to managing your relationship with your therapist, these insights can be absorbed from the posts and applied in real life.


Irene Lyon, MSc.

@irenelyon // 22k

Irene’s Instagram account features a mix of content types: from post its with hand written notes to real life photos and text on branded solid backgrounds or photos. You can also expect an IGTV video every 5 posts or so.

A recent popular post is actually a video. Two minutes long, the video is of Irene answering the question of why someone should heal their stored trauma.

What we love about Irene Lyon's Instagram account: This account is very niched on trauma and even more specifically on understanding and healing the nervous system. Irene is speaking to a very specific trauma survivor: one that is aware that trauma may be at the root of their physical and mental health challenges. This specificity is helpful for those that are in need of this particular type of insight into their trauma.


Ericka Gail M.S.Ed

Memes, tweets, galleries of memes, and more memes. This is an excellent example of curating content for your audience - and adding some images and videos of yourself in the mix too. Therapists don’t need to spend hours in canva making original images to deliver on value and connection in their instagram account.

In a recent popular post, Ericka advocates for black trans women by sharing an image of a tweet by @fatfemme who quoted shaniece powell. The quote is criticizing people’s lack of action to protect black trans women rather than only mourning their deaths after-the-fact.

What we love about Ericka Gail's Instagram account: Ericka is an outspoken advocate for many oppressed groups including black, trans, and LGBTQ people. A queer, trans, BIPOC herself, you can feel that she’s not just an advocate, she’s with you in your struggle. At the meeting point of identity, mental health, and with an emphasis on healing trauma, Ericka provides a safe respite from a world that is not safe for so many.


More Therapist's Who Are Killing It On Instagram

Check out some of the further therapists who are among the very best

Dr. Mariel Buquè
@dr.marielbuque // 107k

Tory Eletto, LMFT
@nytherapist // 83k

Dr. Colleen Reichmann
@drcolleenreichmann // 65k

Dr. Christina
@dr.christina_ // 64k

Dr. Becky
@drbeckyathome // 70.4k

Dr. Soph
@_drsoph // 30k

Britt Frank MSW, LSCSW, SEP
@brittfrank // 25k

April Snow, MA
@expansiveheart // 24.6k

Dr. Mariel Buquè
@dr.marielbuque // 107k

Tory Eletto, LMFT
@nytherapist // 83k

Dr. Colleen Reichmann
@drcolleenreichmann // 65k

Dr. Christina
@dr.christina_ // 64k

Dr. Becky
@drbeckyathome // 70.4k

Dr. Soph
@_drsoph // 30k

Britt Frank MSW, LSCSW, SEP
@brittfrank // 25k

April Snow, MA
@expansiveheart // 24.6k

Nicola Pierre-Smith, LPC
@melanatedwomenshealth // 23.9k

Dr. Ebony
@drebonyonline // 19.6k

Joy F. Johnson
@joyfjohnson // 14.7k

Dania Chebib, Counsellor (RCC)
@daniachebib // 13k

Dr. Maria Dominguez, PhD, LMFT
@dr.dthemft // 12.6k

Tigist Kebede
@thecolouredtherapist // 12.3k

Dene Logan Selkin, MA, AMFT, RYT
@deneloganselkin // 11.7k

Gabes Torres
@gabestorres // 10.1k

Instagram: Another Way Therapists Are Showing Up To Help

As many therapists on Instagram would point out: therapist Instagram posts are not a replacement for therapy.

That said, it could be argued that therapist Instagram accounts are a major source of insights, how-tos, reminders, and even community for all. These Instagram accounts help normalize therapy and make nuggets of expertise accessible.

From relationship help to remembering to be grateful. From real self-care reminders to education and awareness about mental health issues. Therapists on Instagram are making major contributions to the way humans think, feel, and connect with themselves and others.

Multiple Income Streams: Possible

Many of these therapists have grown audiences large enough to ask them what they need and deliver on a product or service tailored to them. You'll see the therapists above offering one-to-many therapy services like groups, workshops, and retreats. And you'll see them also offering digital products like courses or online communities or memberships.

Once you build an audience, you get the privilege and honor of serving them. Discovering what help they really need will open up the door to a myriad of ways to help.

Therapists Of Instagram Are Totally Inspiring

If you want to start showing up in a bigger way, gathering a community, expand to another income stream beyond the one-on-one, then Instagram may be a good-fit platform for you.

If you've browsed the accounts and are feeling inspired, it's good to remember that you'll get the best results with Instagram by posting quality content, consistently, and with joy! If you don't enjoy it, it won't fully work.

In addition, as with growing anything anywhere on the internet, growing on Instagram isn't only about posting great stuff - it's also about getting traffic to your content there, building connections within the mental health Instagram community, and outreach beyond Instagram. Growing a following is a topic for a whole other post.

Stay inspired and get out there and help in a way that feels good to you!

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat! Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse, so I've helped them with websites and marketing for over 7 years. You can get a website designed with us or write your therapist website in the easiest way possible with my easy, fast, and affordable sister solution called Empathycopy. Glad you're here.