6 Reasons Content Marketing Is Crucial For Marketing Psychotherapy Private Practices

Content marketing like a library of helping clients

When was the last time you picked up a magazine so you could look at the ads? What about those ads on the sidebar of your favorite online media source? How many times do you look their way?

If you are like most people, you’ve learned to filter out ads, banners, and other traditional, interruption marketing. So how can marketing a psychotherapist practice happen? How can we offer the solutions you provide to the people that need them by the person you truly are?

Content marketing is the new marketing and it is a vital part of any psychotherapy practice marketing strategy.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. – The Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing focuses on the publication of valuable and helpful content to enable you to communicate with your clients and potential clients without selling. And this form of marketing is a crucial part of marketing a psychotherapy practice today.

It’s crucial because in addition to it’s stand-alone benefits, it also can provide the key pieces to other forms of online marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.

Let’s explore what makes content marketing such an awesome, effective, and necessary part of marketing a psychotherapy practice today.

6 Reasons Content Marketing is Crucial for Marketing a Psychotherapy Private Practice

1. Attracts More and Better Fit Clients

When the content you produce is truly valuable, meaning helpful, educational, inspirational, and well-written, it has the power to encourage trust. And trust is the first step towards reaching out to you.

Content can also help with getting clients in the door by allowing more opportunities for calls to action. More website visitors knowing how to take the next step towards becoming your client can only be a good thing.

Valuable content can also help clients self-select. If you provide content that demonstrates your expertise and the things that you are passionate about, it will help website visitors determine if you’d be a good fit for them. This means that in addition to building trust and providing the directions on how a visitor can proceed, you’ll also be helping them know if you’re a good fit for their pains.

2. Generates New Website Traffic

One of the top reasons no one is visiting your website is because your website doesn’t have value to share. And even content marketing that is not on your website domain, like guest blogging, are also opportunities for backlinks which drive traffic back to your website.

Content marketing is the art of sharing value. It’s true that many people will want to visit your website to read about what you want to sell them but it’s also true that many people already read and share value very readily. The trick with content marketing then is to be the one creating the value that people want to engage with and share.

3. Build Relationships with Referral Sources

Content marketing, when done well, will help you gain and retain awesome referral sources.

One way this happens is that content marketing makes it clear to your referral sources what you are passionate about. The central ingredient to a referral referring clients your way is them knowing who you are, what you’re about, and who you’d be perfect to help. Content helps establish that clarity for them.

Content marketing also makes it easy for referral sources to share the value you are producing with potential leads and within their own network. You can also strategize to include your referral sources into your content in some way, interviews, surveys, inviting guest bloggers, can all be important parts of building relationships and expanding your network.

4. Provides Share-Worthy Content for Social Media

Social media is powerful but even more so when you have your own value to bring. It means you get to post your valuable content and others can share your valuable content as well.

When your content is shared is also builds your position as an authority in what your content is about. Positioning yourself as an expert at what you do is an excellent way to connect with those that need your expertise as well as charge the rates that you are worth.

5. Content Helps SEO

With every piece of content you create, it helps you take up space. The more space you take up on the web, the more quality links you have going towards your website, the better.

When your site is larger, you gain domain authority in the eyes of search engines, so this is very good for SEO. For content elsewhere, not on your domain, any links back to your website can also provide SEO value, especially in cases where the links are from high quality, highly relevant websites.

6. Lasts Forever

The content you produce in strategic content marketing lasts a very long time. Unlike an ad that only runs while you are paying for it, content marketing can have a shelf life that extends for years. Not only is there evergreen content, content that is not time-sensitive, but you can also re-purpose and reuse content in different formats.

For instance, writing a blog series and later turning it into an ebook that you can sell. Or developing relationships with influencers in your niche and organizing an online summit. Content marketing produces value and that value is valuable. It’s valuable to those exposed to your content marketing and to you as a business that will need to market over time.

Content Marketing: The Key to Helping Instead of Selling

Content marketing is the anti-selling of marketing. Instead of interrupting people and blasting them with your marketing message, you can share value and extend help.

This type of helpfulness aligns perfectly with the natural compassion that you already feel towards your clients. When you offer consistent and ongoing value to your clients, they will start to build a trusting relationship with you which means more clients.

Content marketing, similar to SEO and social media marketing, are long term marketing strategies. If you haven’t already started, start today, it is so worth it.

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