(Video) Let’s Talk Marketing with Your Therapy Superpower ft. Annie Shuessler

Annie is the founder of coachingwithannie.com where she helps private practice therapists create the practice only they can create through her Superpower Method for Therapists. A therapist herself, Annie has been running a successful private practice for over 13 years and has been coaching other therapists for over 5 years.

In this video, Annie will be sharing insights to help you market with your unique superpower.

We discuss:

  • Examples of superpowers that therapists might have
  • How your superpowers can affect marketing in your private practice
  • How a therapist can discover what their superpower is
  • Tips for therapists emphasizing their superpower on their websites and online marketing
  • One thing you can do right now to take a step towards marketing with your superpower

Watch the video to get these superpower marketing insights and more. Session notes and links can be found below the video embed.

Session Notes + Links

What are Superpowers that Therapists Might Have?

Both Kat and Annie agree that therapists are superheros! Some examples of superpowers that you might have include your unique qualities, the way that you are in the world, and your personality. A lot of times, your superpower comes from your life story and life experiences.

Superpowers are things that are going on with you when you are at your very best.

Superpowers are different and in different combinations for every therapist. A few examples of superpowers that Annie has seen come up:

  • Your sense of humour and the way that you are able to use your sense of humour in session can be a superpower. Obviously not laughing at the client but instead being able to laugh with them in a way that’s really healing.
  • The ability to quickly identify patterns that are going on with someone and name them can be a superpower. It means you’re able to help clients identify them quickly for healing.
  • Being highly attuned to people’s emotions can also be a superpower. It means you are able to sense what clients are feeling just as they are beginning to feel those things.

If you’re able to identify what your superpowers are, you’ll find that the more you use them, the better you feel and the better your business becomes.

Knowing Your Superpower Can Improve Your Private Practice Marketing

The marketing process: first identify who your right fit client is and in a deep way that is more than a demographic or client avatar.

To do this, go towards thinking about who you’ve done amazing work with. Who have you worked with where it felt like there was something almost easy about working with them? Even when you are working hard, you’ll notice that there is something easy about working with right fit clients.

So you first identify who your right fit clients are and then discover what is it with those people that you are doing.

When you can put that into words, when you combine those two things, who you work best with  and your superpower, that will define all of your marketing and everything you do in your business. Your website, content, conversations, everything.

How to Discover What Your Superpower Is

Journal, talk, explore. Here are some ideas that may help you identfy your superpower:

Reflect on what you’ve heard people say is a bit much about you.

Maybe from what you’ve heard or picked up on you can get a sense of what is said to be “too much” about you. Whatever it is is likely a superpower.

Like being “too sensitive” or “too dramatic” could be turned around.

These are great clues to what your superpower is!

Ask people about how you relate to others

Interview people that are closest to you in your life and how you relate to people. They may be able to see things in your that you can’t see in yourself.

Take personality tests.

There are so many personality tests out there. Take any of the tests, examine the results, and see what fits and leave the rest.

Four Things You Can Do To Emphasize Your Superpower on Your Website

  1. Having a great photo. When you hire a photographer or even just working with a friend, give them a few adjectives of what you’re going for in your photo. Like, “I want calm, joyful, authentic” or maybe “bold, vibrant, musical” and focus on capturing that. You can also incorporate colors that go with your super-adjectives.
  2. Design your website to express your superpower. Whether you are hiring a designer or doing a DIY, focus on including images, colors, fonts, and design magic that goes with your superpower. Talk to your designer about bringing that out or, if doing a DIY, put some extra thought into that and those elements
  3. Just say it! On your about page – come right out describe yourself. Use some adjectives. It’s not about bragging, it’s about “here’s how i’m different, here are some things that people have said to describe me”
  4. Reflect your superpower in your content and copy. Make sure that you’re using launguage that you really would use across your website content and copy. If you are really soothing, then use writing that reflects that. Never copy someone else’s style and stick to being true to you.

Bonus Question: How To Write an Awesome About Page

Off the script question because Annie is excellent at writing – Kat asks, “How can you emphasize your superpower on something like your website or is there an approach that you have towards writing something like your about page?” (Annie had a great answer and also, a free training on writing an about page)

On your about page, you should write a little bit about the way that you see therapy and what you really believe about your work. Also include how you believe your work is a different from other therapists.

Not “I do EMDR” and “I do EFT” – you can mention those things but what really needs to be on the about page is what is it that you believe about therapy and why what you’re doing with really help people.

Unlike the home page, you can go bold on your About page. Let loose and even rant a little bit about what you believe.

Write your about page as if you are writing to your favorite clients at the beginning of the relationship. Start writing, “Dear Mary… “ and write the whole thing out, describe what it’s like to work with you, what’s going to happen in therapy with this person and then edit it out to be a more proper About page.

One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Start Marketing With Your Superpower

Talking about “About Pages”, let’s go there for our one thing.

The about page is an important place on the website that people often visit right after the home page and where a visitor will get inspired to take the next step. Your about page can be a huge predictor of if a client reaches out to you.

So your one thing to do is to look at your about page with fresh eyes and on a scale of 1-10  how much does it reflect your superpower? How much is it really you? And you at your best?

And then go through and make some changes.

Exaples of changes might be getting a new photo, freshening up the language, making sure you are mentioning qualities about yourself, and making sure it sounds like you.

Keep in mind that you can revisit it. You can always be in process with it. A website is like a relationship, you keep coming back and nurturing it over time. And that’s a good thing as it will grow as you do in life and in your private practice.


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