(Video) Let’s Talk Marketing Your Online Therapy Services ft. Clay Cockrell

Clay is the founder of onlinecounseling.com a global therapist directory specifically for online counselors. Clay is also the charismatic host of the Online Counseling podcast which interviews mental health professionals who have taken their practice online. With over 20 years of experience, Clay is also a therapist himself who practices both in-person and online too.

Today, Clay will be sharing insights to help you with marketing your online therapy services

We Discuss:

  • If marketing online counseling services is different than marketing face-to-face services
  • How much educational material should a therapist be put out there to help clients discover online counseling
  • Tips for standing out to your best fit clients on directories
  • The importance of having a niche for marketing online counseling services.
  • The one thing you can do right now to start marketing online therapy services

Session Notes + Links

Is Marketing Online Therapy Services Different Than Marketing Face-to-face Services?

There are so many similarities. In both you are showing who you are and creating a voice online. So you have a blog, podcast, etc… so when clients find you, they have a sense of who you are. That’s a basic in marketing that is the same. It’s important for clients to know your voice and point of view.

Also similar to face-to-face, marketing online therapy works best if you have a niche and you find out where they are.

There are also a few tweaks when it comes to marketing online counseling:

  • You need to have a page on your website that says “hey, I also do online counseling”
  • If you only offer online counseling, this is something that needs to be right upfront. Either “online counseling” is in your domain name or in the name of your practice.
  • Speak direct to the types of people that are looking for online counseling, telemental health, online therapy,
  • Address their objections and concerns to doing online therapy like confidentiality, technology, etc

(By the way, did you know that there are over 50 terms for “online counseling” including things like e-counseling, video therapy… )

You’ll also want to highlight the benefits of online therapy approach. Things like:

  • Convenient
  • Great for people in rural areas that don’t have access
  • For people that are agoraphobic
  • People that are really busy
  • People that can’t get away when they don’t have childcare
  • They need a specialist who isn’t in their local area
  • Expats that live abroad

How Much Educational Material About Online Therapy Should A Therapist Put Out There?

It’s very important to do this! Clay recommends, “use stats”

Normalize it through the growing trends. And put a video on your website where you explain exactly what online therapy is like. And through that video, viewers get a real sense of what it would be like to do online therapy and answers a lot of their questions and objections.

Video is really important for this in the design of your online counseling page or home page.

Clay also has a tip sheet with the tech stuff with lighting, not using a mobile device, answers all their questions and makes it easy.

What Should A Counselor Put On Their Online Counseling Directory Profile? Any Tips for Standing Out To Best Fit Clients?

  • Create a profile that speaks to your client vs. talking about you and your approach
  • Have engaging pictures
  • List your specialties – highlight your top three

Instead of talking about yourself, talk about what your ideal client is struggling with. Talk to them and to the struggles you know they are challenged by. Also talk a little bit about you, your papers and training is not helpful.

Also, Online Counseling Directory already does background checks. The directory is also working to help educate therapists on how to do Online Counseling ethically and legally according to where they are in the world.

How Important is Having A Niche For Marketing Online Therapy?

“You’re not limiting yourself, you’re defining yourself and your strengths.”

People are going to be drawn to someone who’s an expert at something. YOu may be an expert in something else than what someone is looking for but surprising thing is they will still reach out to you because you have honed your approach.

And there are so many different ways to niche! Like what about executives that like the travel.

Buck Black: the trucker therapist. One of Clay’s first podcast guests. Buck specialises in working with truckers who drive these big 18 wheeler trucks, always on the road, away from their families, and it’s pretty stressful job.

And Buck just loves truckers since he was a little boy. He knows that world and decided to specialize. He saw that the population needed online counseling services and went for it.

Other people besides truckers also come to see him but he has this niche that he’s defined for himself and positioned himself as the expert for people in that industry.

One Thing A Therapist Can Do Right Now To Start Marketing Their Online Therapy Services

Sign up for the Online Counseling Directory.

Information is power. In addition to online counseling directory info, there’s also the Private Practice Hub’s Online Therapy Hub.

They have a ton of great info and also do reviews of online counseling tech solutions.

Information is power!


The Online Counselling Directory (search for online counseling services and list your practice)

Clay’s Walk And Talk Therapy Website and his Marital Counseling Website

Thank You For Watching

Thank you so much for watching! If you would like to get in touch with a comment or feedback, feel free to contact me or tweet me. I would love to hear from you and find out how marketing your online counseling services is going.

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