(Video) How To Add Your Private Practice Intro Video To Your Website And Get It Seen

This video will help you with adding your private practice intro video to your website and also share tips on how to get that video seen.

So if you have, or are preparing to have, an intro video for your private practice, this video is for you.

Before we jump in, congrats on taking this awesome step to creating a super-powered marketing asset that will help viewers connect with you.

But having a video doesn’t do anything, you’ll also want to get people to view your video.

So in the video today we’ll be covering the two key things that you need to do to now that you’ll have an intro video:

Lesson 1. How To Put Your Video On Your Website
Lesson 2. Share Your Video

I’ll also share full and detailed notes below.

– Lesson 1 –

How To Put Your Video
On Your Website

STEP 1: Host the Video

For a bunch of dorky tech reasons I won’t get into now, you basically always want to host your video on a video platform rather than uploading the video to your website.

The options I’d recommend for uploading your video include:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia

STEP 2: Create a Compelling Video Thumbnail

When you upload your video to a hosting platform, most will give you the option of controlling what shows up within the video player while it’s just sitting on the page.

For example, in when you go to the edit page through your youtube video manager you can upload a custom thumbnail.

This video thumbnail plays a huge role in getting people to click on your video. My top tips to create a compelling video thumbnail are:

  1. Number 1 Includes a face (it could be your face or the faces of one or more associates)
  2. Includes text direct on the thumbnail (make it readable, action oriented, and emotional) So instead of something like “Video About Me” you’d want to write something like “Hear About How I Help Trauma Survivors Feel Whole Again”

STEP 3: Choose and Prep A Page on Your Website

In most cases your website’s home page or about page will be the best bets for getting views. Most therapists: home page.

So once you’ve chosen the home page or the about page, you’ll want to clear some space to put your video towards the top. So go through the page and do a light audit, figure out what needs to moved or removed in order for your video to be the primary focus at the top of the page.

Remember your website visitor’s attention span is limited so don’t go overboard with content around the video, if anything, only include a repeat of your call to action that was in your intro video.

STEP 4: Embed The Video

Head over to your video platform and copy and paste the embed code into a code editor on your website’s page. Press the publish button and your embedded video should be ready for the world to see.

Did You Know?

Video is a proven form of media for increasing your website conversion. That means that people that view your video are more likely to reach out to you for that first appointment or consult call.

Video is more memorable than images or text. This means that once possible clients and referral sources have seen your video they are more likely to remember you.

– Lesson 2 –

Share Your Video

Remember: Increasing Website Traffic Increases Views

Once you have your video featured on your website correctly any digital marketing activities that increase website traffic will also increase views.

Digital marketing activities could include getting your link onto listings and directories, putting yourself out there on social media, sharing with your email list, getting referral traffic, ranking on a search engine results page through SEO, word-of-mouth, paid ads, and getting into the media.

Some of these activities are more so long-term strategies so in lesson I’ll be giving you some specific ideas that you can use for sharing your video and getting it seen today. There are so many ways that you could get your video out there but I’m going to focus on 4 ideas

IDEA 1: Family and Friends

This is the easy one! Just ask your friends and family to watch and share your video. Here’s an email script that you can use to reach out to a friend or family member:

Dear Sam,

How are you? I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet but I just created a video for my private practice. I would absolutely love it if you watched and shared my video on social media or via email with anyone you think needs to know about my services. I know you have a lot of friends here in Brooklyn and would super appreciate your support.

I hope all is well,

IDEA 2: Send It To Your Professional Network

I know the thought of this idea might make you cringe, especially if you’re an introvert and don’t like the spotlight being on you (like me) but hang in there with me. This idea is for increasing views among your professional network people that could be referral sources like other therapists and wellness professionals in your area

If they are close to you, like you’d otherwise email them casually to say hey or what’s up, you can just share it:

Hey, I just made this video. Check it out and share it?

If it’s someone you don’t know super well, you could also ask for help! For example, what if you emailed them with something like this:

Hey Friend,

I just made this video. It’s the first time I’ve ever made a introductory video for my couples therapy practice so I’d love if you watched it and let me know what you think. I was actually really nervous and I’m not sure if my personality comes through. What do you think?

Thanks so much,

Asking for help is actually a great way to make friends as you are vulnerable and show that you respect their opinion, both of these can help forge a relationship with that person.

You can also ask them for further networking advice, maybe something like:


I made this video to market my practice and I’m working on figuring out who to share it with. Can you help me think of anyone?

So I think my ideas here is that you don’t ever have to outright promote yourself to your networking contacts. If you approach them as friends, it will likely feel better and be better received on their end too.

IDEA 3: Send It To Your Email List

If you have an email list of any size or engagement rate, you will certainly want to send out your video to your list. Here’s an idea of subject line and script that might work for you:

Creating This Video Changed My Life

Dear Jennifer,
How are you? I had such a life-changing experience creating this video. I had to overcome my fear of being on camera but I’m so glad that I created it so I could connect better with you. Watch it on my home page… [include video thumnail as a click-through here]

Why this works:

  • Use the word “Video” in the subject line of the email is a researched-backed method for increasing your email open rate
  • Then, in the email, you are being vulnerable, you talk about your own challenges that you overcame.
  • And then you share the result with a click through link to your home page. A click through link will increase traffic to your site via the email and those that click through will be on your website where they can explore your services further.

IDEA 4: Social Media Ideas

There are so many ways to share video on social media and some of the most effective ways to share something will depend on where your audience is and what format of content does best on that platform. But I do want to give you just three simple ideas that are flexible and could be used anywhere:

  • Share a behind-the-scenes clip from the video shoot before you release the actual full video. Doing this will help build anticipation in your audience of the full video to come.
  • Post a teaser video and link to your website. (A 10-20 second clip with a click through to your website to see more)
  • On social networks where your referral sources are hanging out, you can also post your video in groups about your experience making the video and offer to help other professionals get started with video marketing.

Overwhelmed? You Don’t Have To Do All Of These Ideas

Ok, I know that it can feel super overwhelming with all the things that you could be doing to market your practice so my best advice is to take a deep breath and realize that you don’t have to do it all.

Schedule some time to put together a strategy based on what activities sound exciting to you.

Doing some direct sharing, like the ideas I list here, are what helps your video get seen sooner. If you just add your video to your site and you do nothing more, only website visitors will see your video which is more of a long term strategy.

Long term is good too but you’ll be missing that immediate impact that your video can make from shares.

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