Setup and Design Service

How It Works

1. Send Us Your Content

2. Project Preparation

3. Get Your Dev Site

4. Send Revisions

5. Launch!

1. Send Us Your Content

Within 2-3 days of signing up, you are invited send your website's content. In a single batch, you'll send us your website content including written content, images, graphic or logo files, and any other content that you'll need on your site (like pdf client forms or details about anything you'll want embedded).

Read more on sending content in the help center.

2. Project Preparation

Next, we ask that you fill out a project preparation form to give us some information to prepare for your website project with us.

  • You can select any template you'd like to start with
  • We'll ask about your desired domain, also known as website address
  • We'll make sure to assist with any setting up of premium email
  • You'll securely share any needed logins

Our preparation allows for a solid foundation for moving forward with your setup and design project with us.

3. Get Your Development Website & Send Revisions

After about 1-2 weeks for new sites or 2-3 weeks for migrations, you'll receive your development site.

Your development site will include all of your content as well as your design including fonts, colors, and layouts to reflect you.

You'll also have access to your site too. This is kinda like getting the keys to your new office! You'll be granted access so that you may start looking around and making yourself comfortable on the Empathysites platform.

4. Send Revisions

Next you'll be invited to send any design revisions that you might have.

We'll have scheduled two rounds of revisions into your project timeline.

If you would like to complete further revisions beyond your two revisions cycles, you may purchase additional rounds. Additional revisions rounds are $49 for each round and will need to be scheduled at the end of the revisions queue.

4. Launch

Launching means that we'll be connecting your domain name to your website and the site will be available for the world to see.

It's an exciting day and we are already looking forward to celebrating with a little happy dance with you.

After launching, you have our ongoing support to help you continue to grow and improve your website and keep it up to date.

Read about your ongoing assistance