Q&A: What is the best platform to build a funnel and email list?


What is the best platform to build a funnel and email list? I am overwhelmed by all of the choices!



A platform doesn’t build a funnel, you do. Are you clear on what you want your funnel to be? Who’s your audience and where will you be capturing their attention? At what point you need to ask for a conversion?

Also how experienced are you at mapping funnels out and testing them? Or do you have help? Virtual assistants?

Do you already have data on what your audience responds well to? Data to help inform what path you set up?

If you are an absolute beginner to digital marketing, I recommend keeping it simple, maybe something like this 5 minute idea:

Top-of-funnel (Raise Awareness):

(1) Choose 1 type of content marketing

  • Blog
  • Videos
  • Podcast

(2) Choose 1 social media platform

  • Pinterest
  • FB
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

(3) Include online Networking

  • Commit to networking with 1 person per month

Middle-of-funnel (Get People Interested)

(4) Capture leads via an email list optin on your content marketing

For potential clients who are just starting to get interested in therapy services or still in the early stage of shopping around, make sure they have a way to get value from you and get to know you more with a great optin that speaks to their current struggle.

Middle-of-funnel (Help Nurture a Decision)

(5) Have an excellent website

All circulation goes back to the heart: your website. It needs to reflect who you are, how you help, and who you help and inspire them to reach out for their first session or a free consultation call

Bottom-of-funnel (Turn A Lead into A Client)

(6) Website copy for next steps

(7) Practice your client qualification and sales pitch

The absolute bottom of a funnel is you. What you say, how you present it, what that first consult call or session is like.

In addition to figuring out if you and the client are a good fit (qualifying) you ought to also be prepared with some basic sales scripts and language to help clients trust you and go from feeling hopeless about their life to hopeful.

No “Platform” is Needed to Build This Simple Funnel

If you’re just starting out, creating content, networking, and writing to your email list on a regular basis ARE your funnel.

Planning it all out and setting up systems to measure results is “building a funnel.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the possible bells and whistles, like what automation you think you might need or types of complicated segmentation you might need based on interactions of leads at different points.

But don’t get caught up in that.

Here’s What You DO Need as Far As Software Goes

For software that you do need:

  1. Email Marketing Software: I’d suggest most email marketing software to accomplish collecting and emailing your email list. Mailchimp is a solid one to start off with and also would recommend Mailerlite, Convertkit.
  2. Website: If you want an effective therapist website done-for-you, Empathysites is the natural top recommendation. For DIY: WordPress (self-hosted) and Squarespace are what I generally recommend. All of these options offer the ability to create a website, plus landing pages and subscribe forms.

Start Small. Start Simple. Add Stuff Later.

Answer this:

What’s the minimum you can do to make an impact? Starting there is always better than being stuck in overwhelm over things you don’t even know if you need.

As a nerd, when it comes to software, I always recommend going with the minimums until you have a problem that hurts so much it makes financial sense to upgrade your software.

Moving forward: go with the least expensive and simplest software until you actually NEED a problem solved. Otherwise, you’re putting bells and whistles on a cart that doesn’t even exist.

First build a cart, get it moving in the right direction, and test how to handle bumps in the road. “Fancy” software is only needed for fancy roadblocks that are otherwise insurmountable. My guess is, you have a ways to go until you face them. So ditch the overwhelm and start with where you are.

Kat Love

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