Therapist Website Mistake: Buried Phone Number

If you want to be contacted via phone and if a website visitor setting up a session or consult via phone is a priority CTA, your phone number should not be buried in the depths of your contact page.

On most psychotherapy websites, the phone number is vital information and should be on every page in an easy-to-find and logical place.

Reasons Why Your Phone Number Needs Prominence

  1. Ease of use
    It should take no clicks to get your phone number. If a website visitor has to click on your about page and then read through the text on the page or go to your contact page and scan through the sidebar to find your number, you are asking them to do too much work.
  2. Credibility
    It’s hard to look credible online but there are certain features and content that you can include on your website that make it more clear that you are a professional in actual business. One sign of credibility is being easy to contact through real methods of communication like email and phone numbers. Making your phone number easy to find makes it clear that you’re for real.
  3. Local SEO (NAP)
    For local SEO, you need your NAP on your website and ideally on every page. NAP stands for your name, address, and phone number. Your NAP needs to appear at least somewhere on your website but better yet it appears consistently on your website on all pages and matches across all listings and citations. Showing up in local search results is winning.

Bonus Points For A Clickable Phone Number on Mobile

Back to that ease of use point. On a mobile device, a phone number should be clickable. That way, when a website visitor is on the road and looks you up to give you a call, there is no awkward copy and paste maneuvers necessary.

Being able to go to a therapist’s website and click their phone number to call makes calling that much easier. And as a professional therapist, you want to create an experience of ease around reaching you, not one of stress.

So although making the number clickable on a mobile device might seem a small thing, these are the types of things that can add up to the ease that will attract and retain clients.

Where To Put Your Phone Number On Your Website

In the case of a single-location practice, the phone number ought to be in the header of every page of your website and perhaps in the footer as well.

In the case of a multi-location practice, the phone number could be in the footer of every page of your website accompanied by the location’s address information. Actually, while we’re hanging out in the footer, the addresses should be in the footer too (for a single or multi-location practice).

The One Exception

The one exception to the rule of having your phone number on every page is if your practice is beyond full. Because of being full, you may want to slow down the number of clients reaching out to you, need them to read about how to get on your waiting list, or not even call you and reach out to one of your associates instead.

Being full is the only case in which I can think that you may want to intentionally bury your phone number in your website – perhaps inside of that information which website visitors need to be aware of prior to them reaching out to you.

Make Getting Your Help Easy

It all comes down to making things easy for your website visitors. Don’t make a visitor work to get the information they need in order to get your help.

And staying conscious of your unique practice characteristics will help you choose where to place your phone number.

What do you think? Did you make this psychotherapy website mistake? Would love to know what you think about this. If you’d like to let me know your thoughts you can reach out or tweet me anytime.

Kat Love

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