How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

This arc stands out like a stand out website

So often we hear that going out on your own and into private practice is risky because the market is “saturated”!

And, perhaps you fear this to be true, that you’re in a market saturated with therapists all vying for a small number of potential clients.

But, the reality is that there is no shortage of suffering and no limits to how awesome and uniquely you you are.

What you do can ease the suffering of many.

The question of making your website stand out is simply a question of discovering that sweet spot between the solutions you bring and the problems people need help with. Once you know what makes you unique, your website then becomes the tool for communicating something that no other therapist has: your gifts.

Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out

Professional design

The second your website is loaded into the browser window, a website visitor is making judgements about the type of practice you have. It affects how much they trust you and how seriously you take your practice. Does the design look as professional as your solutions are?

No one wants a hobby psychotherapist.

And part of what makes you unique is that you are professional. But many therapy websites look like hobby websites. If you have a professional website design, then you will demonstrate your professionalism in a way that not a lot of therapists are.

Intentional niche

Another way to stand out is to create your website with your ideal client in mind. If you cater to your specific ideal client, or niche, you will automatically stand out among a sea of generalist psychotherapists.

Who you enjoy serving is something that is unique about you. Communicate to your niche and get your ideal clients.

Educational, inspirational, or entertaining content

Once you’ve create an environment for your ideal client, you then may also create value that makes them feel seen, understood, and engaged on your website.

As a therapist, you have so many insights into what your ideal client may be going through.

Helping instead of selling will help you show your generous side and stand out from a crowd of websites that are just one big sales pitch or one big extremely bright and annoying schedule now button. (You don’t want to be the annoying one).

Professional Copy

Well written and considered website copy is rare on therapy websites. Not only will professional copy read beautifully and be crafted to speak to your ideal clients,  but it will also, very importantly, will move website visitors into action. This means that you’ll both stand out and get more clients.

Avoiding Common Psychotherapy Website Mistakes Will Also Help You Stand Out

You can be proactive and work to make your website the absolute best it can be. You can use professional design, stay client-focused, create amazing content, and use professional copy.

But there are a range of things that you also should not do. By simply not doing these things, by simply avoiding the common mistakes that other therapists are making on their websites, you can also differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Some common mistakes are using non-conversion rate optimized items like image sliders, having no strategy, which leads to too many choices on your website, or having a big, shouty logo size.

Your Website Is A Place To Communicate Your Unique Solutions

It might be crowded where you are, there might be a lot of therapists doing similar things or servicing a similar niche but there is only one you. There is a gift that only you have and it’s a gift that could help many people.

Find the best way to make your website demonstrate that unique sort of help that you are offering. How can your website communicate what you do and who you serve? How can it also confirm that your ideal clients are in the right place for them? That you are professional and caring? That you could be the one for them?

Design, copy, and strategy all play a part in communicating to and attracting your ideal client. Avoiding common mistakes can also differentiate you too.

What do you think? Do you feel like your website helps you stand out of the crowd? If someone landed on your website vs your closest “competitor” would they see your unique difference?

Would love to keep this conversation going. You can reach out to me with thoughts or tweet me anytime. I love hearing from you.

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat! Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse, so I've helped them with websites and marketing for over 7 years. You can get a website designed with us or write your therapist website in the easiest way possible with my easy, fast, and affordable sister solution called Empathycopy. Glad you're here.