Landing Pages: A Secret Marketing Tool Therapists Aren't Using

Landing Pages

Landing pages are awesome tools for online marketing, yet a lot of therapists aren’t using them. It’s almost as if landing pages are some sort of secret.

In this post, I’m going to let you in. I’m going to talk about this online marketing tool, giving you the inside information on what landing pages are and the value you may want to consider sharing through a landing page.

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing page definition: A landing page is a page that exists to collect a visitor’s information through a form.

That’s it.

And I mean that’s it.

Like, the only purpose of the page is to collect a visitors information through a form and absolutely nothing else.

The nothing else part is important. There are no sidebars with your link to your services, there’s no primary or secondary navigation, there’s no link back to your homepage, and there are no social media “follow-me” buttons. There are no distractions.

A landing page is one of the most powerful ways to grow your email or newsletter list. In exchange for a visitor’s information, you offer something valuable: something educational, inspirational, or transformational.

And by eliminating all distractions and focusing just on the value that you can give to your landing page visitor, a visitor is more likely to sign up.

5 Things You Could Offer On A Landing Page

  • Free Ebook – An ebook could be a report, guide, steps, checklist and could be as few as 10 pages long. Speaking directly to your niche’s pain points and finding something that can help them will be a great approach.
  • Newsletter – Your newsletter itself, if it provides a lot of valuable information or guidance, can be enough of a draw all on it’s own. If you express how valuable your newsletter is, then people will sign up.
  • Webinar – Webinars allow people to get to know you online and demonstrate your approach to healing and your expertise. A landing page is the ideal way to both promote webinars as well as grow your list.
  • Launch Announcement – If you are launching a product or service, a landing page is a way you can sell people on what you are offering before it’s even out yet. Getting people to sign up for your list early means having a waiting audience for your launch date.
  • Blog subscription – If you have a blog, a landing page can grow your blog subscription. Many email marketing services now offer the ability for something called RSS-to-email where you can automatically send a digest of your blog posts to an email list. Since you are writing such awesome and valuable posts in your blog all the time (right?) this is a great way to grow your list and get more blog readers at the same time.

Landing pages are great!

Once you have value to give, it’s easy to grow your list. On a landing page, the only actions available are reading about the value of signing up and signing up – so people sign up.

If you’re not utilizing landing pages yet, I encourage you to take some time to brainstorm about how a landing page might fit into your online marketing strategy. What do your clients need? Can you produce something that can help them? And if so, what? Can you set aside time to develop your offering and get it out there?

Feel free to reach out to me to keep this conversation going or tweet me anytime. I love hearing from you.

Kat Love

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