How Accepting That Your Website is Impermanent Is A Strength

Sometimes I wish I had the time to design a website, code it from scratch, fine tune every last detail, and then throw it in the trash.

Websites are impermanent. We all need to detach. Specifically to this idea of permanence or even certain longevity.

The idea that you can build a website today and have it all still be relevant for the next 10 years is unreasonable.

The internet, design, platforms, content, you. All of these things are all constantly changing, shifting, growing.

The design may not even be relevant in a few years from now.

The code may not be relevant in a few years from now.

The services you do may not be relevant in a few years from now.

Websites aren’t set it and forget it.

You may not need a complete overhaul in 5 or 10 years but all websites need ongoing care to keep them online and updates to continuously reflect who you are.

In the field of psychology, there are new discoveries about the mind every year. Revolutionary discoveries. New research, new modalities,…

Psychology may not move as quickly as the web or as our own shifts but just as you keep up on your training, studying and researching the new, your website also needs to evolve with small, consistent attention over time.

Good solid design and code can help future proof your website to a certain degree but tweaks and updates are the very nature of the web and the websites it’s made up of.

Well thought out content that reveals the core aspects of who you are and how you help can be central to the content on your website for years to come but you will likely grow at some point, or even just pivot more strongly towards something. And that’s the nature of life and business.

Resistance is futile so we might as well embrace the impermanence of our websites.

After all, you only live once.

What do you think? How comfortable are you with the idea of a website that needs to evolve with the times and the uncertainties around how much evolution may be required? Does it make you nervous to invest time now into something with no certain bounds to a lifespan?

The number of websites that you’ll be able to have in this lifetime is finite. So it’s much better to have created and iterated than to have never created at all.

This ever-changing nature of websites is one of the reasons I believed we can all stop being perfectionists when it comes to website content.

And indeed, there is no wrong place to start with your website. The website will start where it starts and be as it is.  Take comfort in your website’s ability to change.

Accepting that your website is impermanent may give you the strength needed to be prepared for the ongoing changes and to radically accept website imperfection. Getting out there is perfect, even if done imperfectly with the realization that change will happen.



Get Out There.





Do it.

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat! Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse, so I've helped them with websites and marketing for over 7 years. You can get a website designed with us or write your therapist website in the easiest way possible with my easy, fast, and affordable sister solution called Empathycopy. Glad you're here.