5 Reasons You Need a Psychotherapy Website Specialist

Psychotherapy website specialist

Many web designers and developers out there today are generalists. Not being specialized in any one type of website, generalist web designers and developers make websites for anyone. One day they are making a website for a large fashion line and the next they are making a website for a dog walker.

The problem is that good design relies heavily on knowledge and research. In the case of a generalist web designer and developer, they are researching a different field with different online marketing strategies and different design trends within a different industry for every single project they take.

Meanwhile, a specialist already has deep knowledge and research around their specialization. When it comes to designing or redesigning your website, you’re going to get a much better result by working with a web designer specialized in psychotherapy websites – read on to find out why.

1. A specialist can ensure you emphasize what makes you unique

By already having familiarity with many psychotherapy websites, a specialist knows what website design trends, features, and functionality are being widely used in your field. If you would like to stand out, you need to make sure you’re not just going along with what everyone else is doing.

Someone specialized in psychotherapy websites will differentiate you and emphasize what makes you so awesome. This is a good thing.

2. A specialist will design with your website visitor’s emotional state in mind

Most of the times, someone will be seeking psychotherapy when they are having some sort of problem. They’re on the verge of divorce, just experienced something traumatic, or their depression has made it almost too dark to see a way out.

So in the case of psychotherapy websites, a designer needs to be particularly well versed in the types of design elements that can communicate empathetically.

3. A specialist will know how to convert ethically and with kindness

A typical web designer may suggest conversion design techniques that are too interruptive or even feel violating. An example would be designing your website to have pop-ups to badger your website visitor to sign up for your email list every 5 seconds.

This online marketing strategy is more acceptable on other types of websites. A web designer specialized in psychotherapy websites however, would already have suggestions on how to design your website to convert but politely from a place of care and kindness rather than interruption.

4. A specialist will be familiar with marketing private practices offline too

A website is a marketing tool that is a part of your greater marketing strategy. Online marketing and offline marketing need to fit together.

Your marketing strategy as a whole affects how your website is seen, how is your website used, where will your traffic be coming from, and how to ensure your website is strategic. A specialist will understand how to make your website work for your practice.

5. A specialist will be conscious of the mental health world

Your private practice exists in a larger society where there’s a lot going on in the world of mental health. A designer specialized in psychotherapy websites will have some consciousness around things like mental health stigma, stereotypes about psychotherapists, news and events, associations and credentials.

Finding a Psychotherapy Website Specialist is Important

Having a web designer specialized in your field is important for any professional or business. However, it is even more important in the case of psychotherapy websites because the helping professionals need to be careful about how they put themselves out there online.

Online marketing for psychotherapists requires a lot more empathy and sensitivity to clients and potential clients. You can’t just read a book about online marketing and employ those tactics with no filter. You’ll end up looking inauthentic and even rude. The online marketing that is suggested at large is not the correct approach when it comes to psychotherapy websites.

Finding a designer specialized in psychotherapy websites will help steer you down the best path when it comes to making a website that is effective at getting you clients because of the demonstration of empathy for their situation.

What do you think? Would you feel more comfortable working with a specialist than a generalist when it comes to your next website?

I would love to hear from you on this topic. You can contact me anytime or tweet me. Always happy to hear your thoughts.

Kat Love

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