Discover What Color Your Therapist Website Should Be By Answering This Simple Question

A successful therapist website emotionally connects with visitors by reflecting who you are.

When a therapist is effective at communicating who they are and how they help, it makes it possible for their best fit clients to identify them as a match.

And color is a small but crucial part of the felt visual communication of your site. Color affects us. It can change our mood, emotions, and even our behavior.

So when it comes to finding a color that represents who you are, it’s not a simple task. In order to choose which color should be on your website, start with determining who you are as a helper.

Here’s a super simple question you can answer that doesn’t over focus on you, it doesn’t over focus on the client, instead, it targets the sweet spot of how you show up and help.

Here is the simple question:

What is Your In-Session Superpower?

The thoughtful answer to this question can be translated into all aspects of your brand, including color for your therapist website.

After working with hundreds of therapists on their websites, it is by far one of my favorite questions to ask to get into deeper layers of identity so that we may reflect that on the visuals on their site.

When I ask, “what is your therapy session superpower” I tend to get a lot of different answers.

  • I am safe, clients always feel secure opening up to me
  • I am really motivating, clients tell me after our sessions, they feel they can conquer
  • I am warm, clients feel like I’m a close friend
  • I am accepting, clients tell me they never feel judged and it helps them be themselves
  • I am dark, clients tell me they are able to share their darkest feelings with me

A Formula That Makes It Even Easier To Answer

Here’s a formula to help you answer this question:

I am ____ (your superpower, adjective)____, clients tell me they feel ____ (describe the feeling they get in sessions) ____

How This Question Works

The question of your therapy session superpower focuses in on the benefits of the relationship with you.

So it’s more than just “this is why therapy is good?” this question answers “why is therapy with YOU good?” and being able to communicate what makes you unique is what it takes to have a unique site that represents you (and that isn’t just a cookie cutter).

Website visitors are seeking their best fit to match their felt needs.

Why would a client reach out to a therapist that is motivating and cheery when what they really need is to curl up to a ball and have a witness to their darkness? They may not know fancy words for their diagnosis but they know how they feel and this means they know what would best to support them.

Matching your answer up to a color will get your color communication to where it needs to be to help visitors feel who you are. Without visual communication signals like colors, website visitors have to think about who you are. Removing the need to think about it hits the spot of every stressed out therapy seeker.

Once You Have An Answer, Here’s What’s Next

Once you have an answer to the question, do some research on color psychology to see what color matches your answer including your adjective and the experience that your clients have with you in a session.

For example, for a therapist who is motivating, they might go with orange which is a color known to be motivating.

Or for a therapist who provides security, grays or blues are probably a good bet as both colors are known to be psychologically safe.

You can use our post on color psychology to find your match.

Colors Help Those That Need You

It might sound woo, and perhaps it is a little bit. But it’s also well-researched that color matters and has an effect on us in a deep way.

As a therapist, color is one element of your communication that can help you be seen, heard, and found.

There are some further aspects of color to consider too. Beyond the color itself you might want to consider multiple colors or playing with tones, tints, shades, and saturation.

The impact of color is also depends on how it’s used. As an accent color or a background color, the felt sense of color is different in either case.

No matter how far into the color inquiry you go, I hope that this simple question of your in-session superpower helps you come closer to being clear on who you are and how to communicate that in more than words. The more therapists are out there, the more they are found and can help us heal.

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat! Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse, so I've helped them with websites and marketing for over 7 years. You can get a website designed with us or write your therapist website in the easiest way possible with my easy, fast, and affordable sister solution called Empathycopy. Glad you're here.