(Video) Let’s Talk Getting Started With Video Marketing For Therapists ft. Ernesto Segismundo

Ernesto Segismundo is the founder of fylmit.com where he creates promotional videos for mental health businesses.

In this video, Ernesto shares a little bit about how a therapist can get started with video marketing to promote their private practice services.

We discuss:

  • What makes video marketing so awesome
  • How you can get more comfortable putting yourself out there on video
  • When you should hire someone to produce your videos vs doing a DIY video
  • Ernesto’s own success story with video marketing his practice
  • One thing you can do right now to start video marketing.

Watch the video to get these video marketing insights and more. Session notes and links can be found below the video embed.

Session Notes + Links

What Makes Video Marketing So Awesome?

There has been an increase in video. You can see how video is increasing by looking at various live streaming social media functionality that is becoming very popular.

There are also some exciting statistics about video too. For instance, video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. Also, from 69% of small business people surveyed 31% are planning on using video marketing online.

An amazing statistic from email marketing too is that using “video” in the subject line can mean a 19% boost in your click through rate.

This generation is growing up to pay attention to video!

And for good reason, video makes people interested and excited. It takes the relationship to a whole new level.

Video helps people get to know you. For instance, Ernesto felt comfortable and interested in getting to know me after watching this video interview I did with my friend, copywriter and designer for healers, Nicole Bonsol.

How To Get More Comfortable Recording Video

Being on video can bring up a lot of fear for us. It doesn’t really feel comfortable. Many people become self-conscious about how they look or sound.

In grad school you’re not taught how to market.

But since you have a cell phone and your cell phone has a camera follow this number one tip: practice!

Remember that you can always press the delete button after recording. You don’t have to post it on social media or show anyone at all. If you consistently practice and notice what comes up for you when you film and watch the video playback, by the time you hire someone to do your promo video, you’ll be good to go.

It’s a little bit like exposure therapy – just do it.

We are all hypersensitive to things that other people don’t pay attention to! For instance, Ernesto has a mark/scar on his forehead and has noticed in himself how easy it is to be worried about it. Are people staring at it? Do people think it’s ugly?

It’s unfortunately normal to be a bit negative and the way through that negativity is practice.

It’s ok to make mistakes. I’ve got some imperfections but that’s ok.

Should You Hire or DIY a Video?

You don’t want to put a picture on your website that is unprofessional looking, like one that you’ve taken with your phone. For that, you’d hire a photographer for a professional photo.

A professional photographer can take it to a whole new level. The photographer can really capture your personality.

Similarly, you’d want to hire a professional videographer and editor to create your promotional videos.

If you are doing a video blog series, or a video that does not need any type of editing, then you can DIY.

When you need to hire:

  • Promotional videos on a home page or landing page
  • The video needs a video intro
  • You’d like b-roll
  • Any advanced editing
  • Professional-looking and professional-sounding video that is only possible with professional equipment (blur background with sharp foreground or slow motion shots)

Tip: B-roll footage is footage that you cut away to perhaps with your voice over it. For example: a shot of your office panning left to right while you are still talking about your services. B-roll adds visual interest. A good example

Broll: footage you put with your voice over it, ex: a shot of your office panning out. Adds visual interest. Like check out Allison Puryear’s video by Ernesto where there is b-roll of her looking out over the water and a shot of her office.

Also, another reason you may want to hire is that you don’t want to spend your time making professional videos! It can take weeks of your time to create a professional video. The effort needed is often underestimated. So consider hiring to save your time and energy.

Ernesto’s Success With Video Marketing

A few years ago, a colleague of Ernesto’s invited him to a real estate agent event during which they talked about social media marketing and video marketing.

At that time, real estate agents had been using video marketing for years. Ernesto wondered why therapists weren’t harnessing this amazing form of marketing.

Ernesto decided to record a video on parenting. It was grainy, poor transition effects, and pretty basic.

Nevertheless, he shared the video with close friends, family, and community and it worked. Within 2 months, Ernesto went from 15 to 28 clients a week.

With the help of his marketing plan, he had distributed the video widely to get it in front of the eyes of his ideal clients.

Common Challenges To Video Marketing

Getting over the insecurity factor of marketing and video marketing allows you to utilize video in the most creative ways.

You may also be challenged by the idea of having a spotlight on you. In a video, you’ll feel like you’re the center of attention. (Even though it’s not actually about you but your services)

Another challenge is not really knowing how to do video marketing and overcoming that fear of sales.

One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Start Video Marketing

Ernesto’s top tip for breaking into being a confident video marketer: grab your phone and start talking. Start with something like, “Hi my name is Ernesto and I’m a marriage and family therapist…” and just continue to talk.

Watch the video back and process.

From there, you can start to challenge yourself more and more until you become connected to that part that you are critical about. You’ll be a video marketing superstar in no time!


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