You Will Save Thousands When You Know This About Therapist Websites

Most therapists won’t make significantly more money if their website is amazing vs being good enough.

If you search the internet and take a long look at therapist websites: most of them land somewhere on the spectrum between terrible and good enough.

Very few therapist websites are amazing in terms of design, copy, images, functionality, strategy. And there’s a good reason therapist websites are like that:

Once a therapist website is good enough, investing more to level it up doesn’t make sense. It would be a misuse of time, energy, and money for very little benefit to the bottom line.

Simply put, an amazing website will not make a measurable difference in a therapist’s revenue therefore it rarely happens.

Or perhaps too, therapists rarely have the revenue or entrepreneurial interest in budgeting for an amazing website, so for many therapists, it’s not even something being considered. (No judgement, just an observation).

Great News: You Don’t Have To Have An Amazing Website

Instead of trying to have an amazing website, focus on having a website that is good enough.

You do this by getting very clear on what is actually essential for (1) communicating your message and (2) supporting your business needs.

And everything else is potentially an unnecessary waste of your resources.

Call it minimalism, essentialism, or anything you’d like. The truth is that therapists could do way less and get better results because they’d be channeling their limited resources into the things that matter – not the things that don’t.

Here’s A List Of Things You Don’t Need

  • Custom design – templates work extremely well and most of them out of the box. Spending a lot of money on something custom-to-you or a ton of time on customizing a template to you is not needed. Instead, explore how you could spend the least time for the most reflection of you? What would it take to find a template that already fits? It’s like going into a store and trying on shirts and finding the best fit vs. finding a tailor and asking for something bespoke. Bespoke is more expensive than what you need it for in this case. So keep it simple.
  • Complicated layouts – write simple copy that doesn’t need fancy formatting. You could literally have a website that looks like a bunch of Microsoft Word documents linked together and it would work.
  • Tons of images – you don’t need any images at all. It’s recommended to have a picture of yourself but beyond that, you could make a good enough site on any platform that keeps things so simple, no pictures are needed.
  • The ability to grow your website to the moon and back with lots of widgets, plugins, and other dodads and thingamabobs – most major website platforms will be just fine for what you need. You don’t need to spend thousands on having something really advanced set up.

The Only Two Things You Absolutely Do Need

  • Good website copy that connects with your visitors – if you think about it, a website is simply a document that we’ve made look pretty. You can entirely eliminate decorating your website – you don’t need layouts, images, unique branding. But what you can’t escape is writing words. How will your website communicate who you are and how you help without them? Simply can’t happen.
  • Inuitive and easy-to-use navigation is also a must – visitors do need to find their way around your site’s pages. Of course you might opt for a one-page website (which, honestly, could suffice for many therapists too). But any number of pages beyond that will require navigation that is well-planned and following conventions that make it intuitive for visitors to use. Luckily, most templates come with good suggestions for the design of the navigation and beyond that, it’s just a bit of planning or utilizing tools that help you create your website’s header including the navigation.

Create A Website With Clarity And Intention

Given that you need a simple, good enough website, and not an amazing one, what does that mean for you?

Start finding out by answering questions like the following:

“What’s actually important for my website to accomplish?”
“What will take me the least amount of time, energy, money?”
“What is the least I could do to have the most amount of impact?”

Of course, I will say that I am not a mind reader. I don’t know who you are, what you do, what your practice looks like today. I don’t know if you’re a 50k/year therapist or a 1M/year therapist.

But what I do know from working with many, many therapists over the years is that the success of a private practice does not rest solely on their website.

In fact, you can have a very successful practice without a website at all and zero online presence.

I also know therapists making multiple millions with their group practices who have websites that are just ok (read: kinda bad websites actually but it doesn’t stop them from success!).

Take the time to get clear and intentional about the website you want to create. While I don’t recommend over spending your time, energy, and money creating a website, you may need to invest into getting clear.

But getting clear on what you actually need, through courses, coaching, education, support groups – that will way less expensive than creating an complicated website that you didn’t actually need.

Overall, most therapists can build the practice, and life, they desire by doing less than they think.

You Don’t Need To Take A Helicopter To Cross The Street

You don’t need an amazing, incredible, awesome, perfect website that has tons of bells and whistles, creative and unique design elements, custom-to-you colors, and the coolest most engaging features to have a wildly successful private practice.

Your website, at it’s essence, is a tool for communication. Words on pages and pages linked together by simple navigation WILL do that.

You do need to write good words. Words that can carry your message through. And make it simple for your visitors to find their way to what they are looking for: getting their questions answered and getting inspired to reach out.

But that is far less than what most therapists think they need.

My wish is that this article may bring you some relief. What if it was easy to create a website? What if it was simple? Well it is and it can be if you direct your effort into getting comfortable, clear, and intentional around finding what’s essential in your website and how you can achieve it.

Do less but better. And save your time, energy, and money for where it makes sense.

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat! Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse, so I helped them with websites and marketing for around 5 years. You can still write your therapist website in the easiest way possible with my easy, fast, and affordable solution called Empathycopy. Or stick around here on the Empathysites blog to get your fill of helpful website and digital marketing insights for therapists. Happy to help. Pronouns: they/them/their