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Call To Action CTA Psychotherapy Websites

What is a Call To Action? CTA Strategies and Examples for Psychotherapy Websites

Psychotherapy Website Mistake Use One Road

Therapist Website Mistake: Too Many Choices


Link Love 11: SEO


Where to Find the Best Premium Stock Photography


Best Psychotherapist Intro Videos in the Universe


What A Copywriter Can Do for Your Therapist Website and Online Marketing

Password Management for your laptop and mobile phone

Stop Trying to Remember All Your Passwords: an Intro to Password Managers


Link Love 10

Videographer making a therapy video for marketing

The Power of Video Marketing for Your Private Practice

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Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse so I created Empathycopy to help them write their websites.

If you're trying to write your therapist website, you might feel like you don't know where to start or what to include. Or maybe you've been trying but what you come up with feels inauthentic, salesy, or full of jargon.

No matter what your writing struggle, I created Empathycopy to help. Sign up, select what you want to create, answer some simple questions, and we will draft your entire website.

“My copy now sounds more warm and friendly, how I wanted it to sound but couldn't quite find the words on my own. I've had a few new enquiries since uploading the new copy after having a very quiet month previously, and no longer have to keep tweaking it every week to try and find the right words. My website now sounds more like me, which is great. Thanks so much, such a great tool to use!” - Hayley

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