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Hello friends! How are things over there? I just deployed a new website for a counselor in Ohio. Some of the website copy written by talented psychotherapy website copywriter Juliet Austin. It came together great. Have you been working on any projects for your practice? Would love to hear about them.

And here are some links that you might appreciate for this month’s link roundup.

The top 7 questions website visitors want your homepage to answer.

This is probably the best article I’ve seen on images and SEO. It’s written for online shops but the same tips can be used on your therapy website.

Great insights into authentic confidence from psychologist (and my webdesign client) Maria Mara.

Are you following all of these popular psychologists on twitter? I hadn’t even heard of some of them!?

As a psychologist do you have the ability to disconnect worth from size? This is a great article challenging sizim in psychotherapy office.

I really needed to rewatch this Ted Talk by Brene Brown on vulnerability recently. It’s a classic! And here’s a great quote:

You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging. – Brene Brown

Aw. Just found this old guest post I did about 10 questions to ask yourself before you consult with a web designer.

Can your website visitor tell what it is you do within 10 seconds of landing on your website? Your visitor is may be in a crisis, needing help, or short on time. Make it obvious, make it easy.

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