Link Love 7

Friends. Hi. How are you doing? I’ve been loving the Greek sunshine over here. Anyone else a big fan of lazy Sunday mornings laying in the sun and drinking green tea?

Here are some links I chose all the way from Greece that you might appreciate for this month’s link roundup!

Sitting down to write your website’s copy? Here are 4 essentials to know before copywriting for your website your fingertips graze those keys, pen hits that paper, or fountain pen dips the ink.

Newsletters are where it’s at! Email lists are central to online marketing these days for many online marketing strategies. But how do you create a client attractive newsletter?

Introverted? Yeah, me too. Here are some marketing tips for introverts.

Some great answers to basic questions like what is therapy? There’s also a pdf download about what therapy should be like and what therapists do. Not saying you should steal this idea but use it for inspiration! Maybe a newsletter optin pdf or add content like this to your amazing FAQ page.

This looks interesting. A 20 minute training video on sexual orientation and gender identity microagressions in clinical settings from the APA.

Use social media because you have value to share (you do!), not because you have to.

Kat Love

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