Link Love 6

Link Love April 2015 Cityscape

Hello friends! How are things in your world? I’m busier than ever in the best of ways. If anyone has any tips on how to work ON your business as well as IN your business, I’m all ears. Balancing the two is challenging indeed.

But I still made some time to find some links that you might appreciate for this month’s link roundup!

Would love to see more therapists making infographics like this one by Dr. Emma Seppala on the top 10 scientific benefits of compassion.

Is your website selfish? A great article discussing if your website is about you more than it ought to be.

If you’ve had a facebook page for your practice for a while, you may have been suffering with lower engagement recently due to the facebook algorithm changes. Here are 17 experts discussing how to deal with your reduced facebook visibility.

The story of AA.

Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? The top five website mistakes on therapy websites according to private practice consultant and therapist Julie Hanks. Don’t worry, she also gives some tips on how to fix them to make your website more effective.

The media representation of mental illness constantly excludes, ignores and silences people of color.” – Dior Vargas

Shopping around for a coach or consultant for your practice? Here’s an article to help you choose the best consultant for you.

People are more likely to hire someone they feel like they know. What are you doing to let people get to know you on your website?

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