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Hello friends! How are you doing? I deployed this website in late December and then went on a trip to Tel Aviv! I may have eaten mountains of this. Maybe. Currently I’m back in my Greek Island office and in love with my projects.

And I thought you might appreciate these links:

Great professional and educational resources in this list of 101 greatest sites for social workers.

I’ve been all over Ted talks lately. Have you seen this classic talk by Simon Sinek?

“People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

A good reminder to utilize social media privacy settings for any of your personal profiles: When psychiatrists are on Facebook, their patients can get a case of TMI

Written more so for product developers but still contains some valuable exercises and insights that may help you better empathize with your clients to understand what services they need. Check out the downloadable empathy map and don’t forget to include “pains” and “gains” if you embark on an empathy mapping session!

I couldn’t agree more.

Very inspiring: empathy heroes who practiced experiential empathy.

Recommended follow on twitter: APA Healthy Minds for mental health facts.

Have confidence in what you do and what you’re offering.

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