Link Love 23: Multiple Income Streams For Therapists

Hello friend! How are things? I’m doing well. The sun is shining and I’m hoping to go for a swim in the sea today. I love pretending to be a fish and spotting octopuses hiding in the rocks.

This month’s links are all about multiple income streams for therapists. From ebooks to retreats, what other income sources can you build and how?

What does it take to create multiple streams of income?

Like what if you’re already super busy? Some great insights on creating income streams as a busy mental health professional.

A podcast interview of Cory Bank who’s created multiple streams of income as a therapist.

I also interviewed the amazing Jo Muirhead on multiple income streams for therapists video interview.

Specifically interested in ebooks? This podcast on Australia Counselling goes deep into how writing an ebook can create a passive stream of income.

Agree or disagree with this quote:

…you need to think of yourself and your practice in terms of diversification. It is rare these days to make a satisfying living from a traditional office practice. Generally, it takes many “income streams” to survive on your own. – Seeing Yourself As A Business Person on Counseling Today

Here’s a free video training on translating therapy skills into income streams.

Has anyone purchased this webinar on multiple income streams? Julie Hanks is awesome so it’s probably really good! But I haven’t watched it myself.

A case study of diversifying a therapy practice beyond face-to-face sessions.

Which reminds me of this awesome podcast on growing your practice with retreats! Sounds like so much fun!

Hope these ideas get your entrepreneurial wheels spinning and you can start generating some more income for you! You totally deserve it.

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