Link Love 22: Social Media Tips and Tools

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Hello my awesome friend! How have you been? I’m doing very well.

This month’s links are all about social media tools and automation. Tips and tricks for making the process of social media marketing for your private practice more effortless. Sounds good right?

There’s a free social media content calendar that you can use to start creating in posts in advance.

Getting into social media marketing? You may want to check out these social media management tools

  • Edgar create a library of content and post according to a posting schedule that you set up.
  • Buffer schedule and analyze posts.
  • Hootsuite schedule, track performance, and listen.

Or you may want to check out this list of the 12 best social media management tools. It includes the three listed above but also a lot more.

But if you aren’t experienced with social media management tools, how are you to pick one of these many options? Here are a few tips on picking the right social media management tool for you.

If you are trying to get organized and efficient, here are 5 social media tips for small businesses like private practices.

If you’re feeling like social media is takes up a lot of time, know that others agree. Here are some insights on how to make social media less of a time suck.

Ready to stop doing all of your social media yourself? How to hire a social media manager.

You can also learn a lot about your audience by tracking engagement. Some social media engagement metrics matter.

Heres a great beginners guide to the engagement factor of social media metrics.

There’s another link love with more general links on social media marketing for therapists too.

When you work on your practice instead of only in your practice, you can streamline your marketing systems. I hope these links help you get there.

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