Link Love 20: Therapy Directories And Listings

Hello sweet friend! How have you been? I’m doing very well.

This month’s links are all about therapy directories. What’s out there online when it comes to therapy directories and how can you make your listing more awesome?

Before you jump on the bandwagon, you may want to evaluate if it’s worth getting listed in directories.

In the grand scheme of all things online marketing for private practice could your psychology today listing be enough online marketing?

Here’s a long list of therapy directories out there. It’s from 2011 though and some are definitely missing. Like Australia Counselling Directory and I know there’s a good local one in Portland too. Let me know if you know of more. Maybe I’ll put together a more up to date list.

Sometimes, taking online therapy directories can be free for a period of time, that’s why getting listings and trying out directories is listed as one of 11 free private practice marketing strategies.

Has anyone reading this gotten the Zur Institute Psychotherapist’s Guide to Online Marketing Book? It’s $50 and includes a section just on online therapy directories, I wonder if it has some valuable insights to share.

If you are providing your therapy services online, you should check out the online counseling directory. It’s basically awesome.

You may have a listing or be considering getting one, once you do, these 10 tips on effectively marketing through your directory listings are golden.

More tips to having an awesome listing to be found on this podcast episode on Selling the Couch on secrets of an effective psychology today profile.

These links should help you get on the right track towards expanding or improving your online marketing strategy with online therapy directories. Good luck.

Kat Love

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