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Hi Everyone! How are you doing? Later this week,  I’ll have a new project on the web – a beautiful custom website for a psychologist & confidence coach. I’m putting the finishing touches on the site now.


The most popular TED talk of 2014 was this one with Maysoon Zayid. Have you seen it? It’s a good one.

An important reminder during a time of the year when many feel the pressure of social and family obligation. Are you giving yourself permission to be?

I’m sure you know all of this stuff but this crash course in psychology video is still fun to watch. Recommendation: watch this instead of your usual Sunday cartoon whilst enjoying a plate of vegan pancakes. Fun and yum.

Amazing article on the effectiveness of emotional headlines and how to write them. Perfect for any of you out there blogging.

I was just asking on my twitter what we can do about the stigma surrounding mental health care. Love this article in which Rosie Perez discusses the stigma around mental health issues, particularly in the Latino community.

“[Mental health care] is not part of our culture, it is not part of what was told to us when we were growing up” – Rosie Perez

Why is there a gender imbalance in the academic field of psychology, and what can be done to address it? Great question!

Recommended therapist to follow on twitter: Jill Dahl from White Rock, BC, Canada

Don’t forget your purpose and why you do what you do.

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