Link Love 17: Podcasting in Private Practice

Hi everyone! How are you doing? It’s not Thursday but throwback to that time I went to Berlin for my birthday and it was unseasonably warm and sunny. What was the last trip that you’ve been on and have fond memories of?

This month’s links are all about podcasting in private practice. This collection of links will guide and inspire you if you’re thinking about starting a podcast or already have one going.

Podcasts help you reach and help more people than you possibly ever could face-to-face!

Clinton Power, a therapist and private practice consultant and marketing expert, gives a awesome guidance for how to start a podcast as a counsellor in his podcast episode: How to Start A Podcast.

This guide from therapist and successful podcaster Melvin lives up to it’s name of being the complete guide to launching your podcast.

I also had the honor of interviewing Melvin on this topic too. Our video chat with Melvin on podcasting in private practice.

And here are two more posts on how to start a podcast (with instructional videos) from Patt Flynn and another article on how to start a podcast from Shopify as well.

These podcasts by therapists are awesome. I would also add The Couples Expert Podcast to the list. A little inspiration for what you could do.

How to do a podcast and not have it take over your life. Intended for freelancers but useful for any small business owners.

If you are going to be consulting other therapists (how to grow a practice, credentialing, etc) you may also find some of these podcasts by private practice consultants interesting.

There’s actually a community targeted specifically at helping therapists get started with podcasting: it’s called The Healthcasters. It’s put together by Melvin and he’s been doing amazing free webinars too. Sign up for his email list in the sidebar of the Selling The Couch Podcast website.

I hope these links help you get heard. If you go for it, please let me know. Would love to have a listen.

Kat Love

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