Link Love 16: Online Counseling

Links to help you with online counseling

Hi everyone! What’s new in your world? I’m doing awesome. Anyone else drink peppermint tea with vanilla soy milk? When I was in NYC, a friend of mine introduced me to this and it’s like awesome. I highly recommend it.

This month’s links are all about online counseling (or “counselling” if you’re in certain parts of the world). Hopefully these links will help you get oriented when it comes to offering your services online!

There’s lots of talk about if online counseling is effective. You can find official studies of course but even CNN, NY Times, and Tech Insider are chiming in about online counseling and therapy.

So if you’re ready to get started digging in, this page over at Zur Institute has a massive list of telehealth links.

There’s also another great post with resources about online marketing from Gina at Amplified Practice.

Rob at Tame Your Practice also did a great post about the opportunities and cautions of providing telehealth services.

There are a bunch of awesome video chat options, but here are a few that stand out:

  1. vSee
  2. WeCounsel
  3. Doxy
  4. Regroup

There’s a great podcast called The Online Counseling Podcast about online counseling which speaks to therapists and counselors who are providing services online.

Speaking of podcasts, Clinton Power did a great episode answering the question: is online therapy is the future of psychotherapy?

You can’t research online counseling and not bump into the awesome Online Therapy Institute. Check out their online therapy blog and they also published a book: Therapy Online: A practical Guide. Which looks awesome.

Useful: informed consent for distance counseling written by a distance credentialed counselor (DCC).

And also more resources for online counseling and paperwork from Melisa Hall.

I hope these links help expose you to the world of online counseling and therapy services. The world needs your unique healing talents, and this is a great way to expand your reach.

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