Link Love 15: Social Media

Kat Love's Social Media Links for Therapists

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I’m doing awesome.

This month’s links are all about social media. Being on social media is a great way to expand your online marketing: connect with referral sources, share your content, and be found easier on the web. Here are some links to help you get on social media:

Juliet answers: which social media platforms should you even be on?

And Joe chimes in here too with thoughts on the social media you should use.

These are must read posts: top social media mistakes that therapists make part I and also part II.

“By embracing media (TV, radio, print) and newer technologies (blogging, podcasts, social media), your message can be amplified exponentially, causing you to reach a greater audience.” – Julie Hanks in 10 Reasons to Become a Media Savvy Therapist

How to respond to client’s who try to friend you on social media.

That awkward moment when a client or potential client messages you on Facebook. Avoid it by turning off your FB messages.

A podcast full of social media tips from a social media guru.


Dr. Keely Kolmes discusses her approach to managing social media as a psychologist and she also gives away this free social media policy for your private practice (you can copy, share, or modify it to fit your own approach to clinical care).

Greed, pride, lust and 4 other of the 7 deadly sins of social media marketing.

Don’t know what to post on social media? I wrote up 50 ideas for what to post on social media.

I hope these links help you get out on social media and amplify your voice! The world needs more helpers and healers.

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