Link Love 14: Private Practice Niche

Private practice niche

Hi everyone! How are things going where you are? I’ve been doing very well. Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2015. Where did the year go?

This month’s links are all about having or choosing a private practice niche market in your practice. Here are some links to help you navigate niche-ing:

Developing a niche is one of the main steps of starting a practice in this article on the APA.

But not everyone chooses to specialize. Six members of the ACA open up about being a specialist, generalist, or niche provider and offer words of wisdom on the topic of choosing (or not choosing) a niche.

The very first podcast episode over at Practice of the Practice with Joe Sanok is focused on finding a niche.

This article about developing a niche market is one of the better articles I’ve read. It’s by Juliet Austin and gives some solid steps towards having a niche.

How to find the most profitable niche.

But some argue that having a niche is not a marketing tactic but a clinical decision.

When you’re exploring what your niche could be, it’s important to also get specific and work on identifying your ideal client too.

If you’d like to hear a real life story of a therapist who has a clear niche, I love this interview of Mercedes Samudio on Zynnyme.

Having a niche also benefits your private practice marketing efforts. The limitation sets you free. Niche marketing is awesome and here are a few helpful rules on niche marketing to guide you too.

So, do you have a private practice niche or are you a generalist? Wishing you a full practice either way.

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