Link Love 13: Blogging

Hello, hello. How are you doing? I am doing great! All of you guys out there have been keeping me busy with projects.

This months links are all about blogging. Blogging is a great way to start building a trusting relationship with your website visitors.  Here are some links to help you blog more awesomely:

Some ideas for starting a blog and for generating blog post ideas.

Also, I made this blog post idea generator just for therapists.

Or maybe you’re up for a blog challenge.

If listening is more your thing, Melvin over on Selling the Couch podcast has two great episodes on blogging. One is an expert guide to private practice blogging and another is an interview with Micheal J. Formica on being a counselor and a professional blogger.

If you’re trying to really grow your practice with blogging, I did a video interview of psychotherapy marketing experts Juliet and Clinton on blogging.

Blogging can sometimes take a lot of time. So I appreciated these tips from Joe Sanok about how to write blog posts quicker.

If your blog posts aren’t formatted well, it will affect the ease with which posts can be read. That’s why I recommend making your blog posts more skimmable in my guest post for Tamara Suttle.

Speaking of Tamara, she’s like the private practice blogging grand master! She has great posts on her blog like how to know the difference between blogging and newsletters and wrote a guest post about the benefits of blogging as a counselor in Counseling Today. She was also interviewed by Joe Sanok answering the question: should I start a blog?

What about the things you shouldn’t be doing on your blog? Some insights here on how not to start blogging.

A great three part series on blogging in private practice by Annie Schuessler.

Sometimes timing matters. So in this episode of the Ask Juliet and Clinton podcast, they discuss what the best time for posting your blog posts is.

Don’t let good blog content just be blog content! There are many ways to re-purpose your blog posts.

Hope these links help you get off to a good start with your blogging. Happy blogging everyone!

Kat Love

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