Introducing the Psychotherapy Blog Post Idea Generator

Blog Post Idea Generator

When you go to write a blog post, do you have a bank of ideas waiting for you or are you struggling to know what to write about next?

Whether you are an experienced blogger or just starting out, it can be really challenging to come up with ideas consistently. Sometimes us bloggers just need a little bit of inspiration.

And we know how valuable blogging is too. Not only do blogs help generate the trust of your website visitors, which leads more website visitors to becoming clients, it also helps with SEO, having content to share on social media, and referral traffic.

So, to help keep the blogging inspiration up, I developed the Psychotherapy Blog Post Idea Generator

How I Came Up With The Blog Post Ideas

  • Researched blogs and articles that are popular in mental health and therapy – through tools like buzzsumo, semrush, and some serious surfing of the internet.
  • Blog headline and newsletter subject line strategy – what’s working in headlines and email newsletter subject lines are great places to explore in terms of blogging ideas too.
  • My empathy – I’ve been blogging strong for more than a year plus I’m also a therapy client! I used the empathy I have for us clients to develop ideas around what types of educational and inspirational information we are seeking when we are looking for a therapist.

How It Works

Step 1:

Plug in your answers to 4 simple questions. The questions are, what your ideal client is struggling with, the life improvement they are seeking, your niche, and your modality.

Step 2:

Generate your ideas!

Step 3:

Blog happily

It is highly encouraged that you to use the generator multiple times. The more combos of words you insert, the more variations of results you will receive.

The results may need some tweaking as far as grammar goes, but you should be able to extract a unique idea out of every result you generate. Over 30 ideas will be generated per spin!

So Take It For A Spin

Let me know how it goes!

Is the blog post idea generator useful? What other content are you struggling with? I wonder if I could do the same with a basic “about me” page template! What do you think? I’d love some feedback via a note or a tweet anytime. I love hearing from you.

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat! Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse, so I've helped them with websites and marketing for over 7 years. You can get a website designed with us or write your therapist website in the easiest way possible with my easy, fast, and affordable sister solution called Empathycopy. Glad you're here.