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Empathysites Is For You If...

You Don't Have A Website And... struggle with knowing where to start. get overwhelmed deciding what design feels like you but also attracts your ideal clients.

... you're considering DIY but fear you won't look like you know what you're doing.'re stuck feeling overwhelmed by all the choices.

You Created Your Own Website And...

...your website doesn't look professional.

...your site feels outdated, heavy, cluttered (it needs a makeover). are unsure if your design is effective at attracting best-fit clients. are too busy to work on your website but you want to improve your site so you can grow your practice.

Perhaps Technical Stuff Feels Overwhelming Too

Our research shows that nearly 30% of private practice therapists find website tech to be their primary challenge with putting together a therapist website. Do the following ring true for you too?

You're unsure which platform to choose or how who to hire for what.

You are overwhelmed with all the things involved and struggle to get started, stay motivated, or complete website tasks.

You forget to tend to your website once it's up or don't even know how. Backups, security, and other maintenance tasks are a pain.

You waste hours trying to figure out the features of your current website platform.


Therapists Love Empathysites

"Thanks to Empathysites for doing this type of stuff so I can focus on helping clients."



"You make it feel more fun - less scary, more easy, and more of an adventure. Thank you for all of that, and for being there for me!"



"Thanks for all your positive support in this process. I feel like you’re my website therapist."



Get a beautiful and effective website now.

Empathysites Is For Therapists At Any Stage In Their Website Journey


For Your First Website

You're new to being online and need a professional website but you're struggling with knowing where to start.

Empathysites can create a beautiful site that represents who you are and how you help.

For A Website Makeover

You've created your own website or maybe had help but it's time to level-up.

You are ready to get a professionally designed website that looks professional and that you can be proud of.

For Getting Your Time Back

You don't have time to DIY your website anymore.

Having a team that can design and care for your website means more time for focusing on your clients and your practice.

Ready To Start? Here's How Our Service Works



Send your written content and images, and we'll design your site.


We Create
Your Site

We design & launch your site to attract your best-fit clients.



We support you ongoing with unlimited assistance.

Get Results With Your Professional Therapist Website Design

Get A Client-Attractive Website That Reflects Who You Are And How You Help

You'll be invited to send over your website content and any notes or inspiration. Your website designer will design your site based on who you are and around the content you send.

From adding your logo and images, to customizing your website’s colors, we collaborate with you to ensure your site reflects who you uniquely are.


Get A Website That Is Modern, Simple, And Easy To Use

Our exclusive templates are designed with therapist clients in mind: if they are seeking therapy, they are probably already overwhelmed.

Our designs are so simple, even a stressed out person will be able to find what they are looking for, and importantly, know how to reach you and get started.

Get Unlimited Help With Updating Your Website

After we launch your site, we're here with here to help ongoing with unlimited assistance. From adding new pages to updating features, we got you.

Interested in updating your website yourself? That's an option too. Make changes to your own site anytime.


Featured Testimonial

How Joanne Finally Got A Website That Reflects The Work They Do

"I have had a number of new referrals who told me they were directed to my website and after they saw my website that they decided to follow through. My website made them feel I would be the right fit.

I have also had colleagues tell me how much they love how my site reflects the work I do in a very authentic way.

Having an Empathysite is among my best marketing tools and well worth the investment.

I just want to thank you as this was a goal you helped me accomplish. It has been so satisfying to have a website I can feel proud of, that I see as being a true reflection of my work, which is so important to me."



Start attracting clients today