The Best Mental Health and Therapist YouTube Channels


Last update: February 15, 2019

This list of the best mental health and therapist YouTube channels will inspire you if:

  • You want to start video marketing in your private practice but need some inspiration for topics, editing, branding…
  • You want to have a waiting list of clients vs. waiting for clients
  • You are interested in building authority within your expertise
  • You would like to expand to multiple income streams like monetized content creation or selling products

Yes, video content can accomplish all of these things and after hours of laying in bed with my small bowl of potato chips on one side and my MacBook in my lap, I’ve YouTubed my way to creating this awesome list.

But First, What Is A YouTube Channel?

Instead of ranking individual videos, this post outlines channels that are fully dedicated to mental health topics. This means that a content creator made a dedicated space for presenting content that they’ve created within a topic or series of topics.

These channels is where a creator can upload videos, get comments, make playlists, and importantly: get subscribers or include other compelling invitations to engage further or even become a patron or client.

Think of a YouTube channel sorta like having a blog. A dedicated space to cover a subject matter, build authority, and grow an audience.

Why These are Simply The Best

What makes a mental health or therapist YouTube channel a successful one?

  1. Posting regularly. These channels post at least once every month - this is the absolute minimum for being relevant on YouTube, more ideally, channels should post once a week.
  2. Clarity in the subject matter. The audience these channels are speaking to is crystal clear through both what they say and the content they produce.
  3. Identity on point. Through music, editing, video style, logos, and more, these channels have built a recognizable identity.
  4. Building subscribers and engagement. It can take years to get traction with a YouTube channel but these channels are all building a viewership that subscribes and engages with their content.

Note that non-therapist YouTubers are included. There are so many great content creators that are broaching mental health topics who are not therapists that I wanted to include them as well.

These content creators have valuable insights to share too and some have built massive libraries of helpful mental health videos.

The Best Mental Health And Therapist YouTube Channels

The Mighty

The Mighty's Most Popular Mental Health Video

Even though The Mighty only focuses on mental health as only one of their focus areas, they are on this list for their exceptional content and viewership. The Mighty’s mission is to help people facing diseases, disabilities and disorders. Through honest stories about personal experiences with special needs, mental health and other conditions, this channel has built a huge following that really connects.

Visit: The Mighty Channel
Subscribers: 34k+
Monetization: Marketing programs, partner videos, awareness campaigns, on-site advertising, email campaigns, affiliate programs.

Kati Morton

Kati Morton's Most Popular Video

Kati Morton is a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos - Depression, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Self-Harm and more! Kati believes that mental health shouldn't have stigma attached to it and that "You're worth the fight!"

Visit: Kati Morton’s Channel
Subscribers: 205k+
Monetization: YouTube Ads, Patreon, Merchandise,


How To ADHD's Most Popular Video

With a massive following, creator Jessica posts videos with tips, tricks and insights into the ADHD brain. Having ADHD themselves, they describe the channel as their “ADHD toolbox” where they share strategies they’ve learned about having and living with ADHD.

Visit: The How To ADHD Channel
Subscribers: 104k+
Monetization: Patreon, sponsored content, affiliate links, and looks like they may be also moving towards creating and selling info products.

The Aspie World

The Aspie World's Most Popular Video

The Aspie World channel by Dan, who has Aspergers Syndrome, is about educating people about Aspergers and autism in adults. The channel includes videos on Aspergers Syndrome/Aspergers Symptoms and Autism from Dan's perspective.

Visit: The Aspie World Channel
Subscribers: 74k+
Monetization: Building and audience, YouTube Ads

The Psych Show

The Psych Show's Most Popular Video

Clinical psychologist Ali Mattu, Ph.D. posts videos bi-weekly for this channel: The Psych Show. This channel is aimed to help educate, entertain, and empower around important mental health topics like phobias, anxiety, depression, breathing, and more.

Visit: The Psych Show Channel
Subscribers: 36k+
Monetization: Building and audience, YouTube Ads

Julia Kristina Counselling

Julia Kristina Counselling's Most Popular Video

Julia Kristina posts videos to help you "become happier, more balanced, feel better about who you are, and less stressed, anxious, or depressed." Julia's most viewed videos are are topics around depression, codependency, and more.

Visit: Julia Kristina Counseling Channel
Subscribers: 83k+
Monetization: Building and audience for now, working on multiple income streams

SciShow Psych

SciShow Psych's Most Popular Mental Health Video

SciShow Psych is all about the human brain and how we humans interact with the world. Hosts Hank Green and Brit Garner explain ground-breaking studies and contextualize psychology throughout history.

Visit: SciShow Psych Channel
Subscribers: 428k+
Monetization: YouTube Ads

Dara Hoffman-Fox

Dara Hoffman-Fox's Most Popular Video

Dara Hoffman-Fox posts a variety of videos under the project: CONVERSATIONS WITH A GENDER THERAPIST. This is where Dara answers questions from those who are transgender, nonbinary, and gender questioning, as well as those who love them. Dara has also been self-disclosing their own gender discovery journey with vlogs.

Visit: Dara Hoffman-Fox Channel
Subscribers: 11k+
Monetization: Building and audience for now, working on multiple income streams

Timothy Gordon

Timothy Gordon's Most Popular Mental Health Video

Although Timothy's folllower count is the smallest of these recommendations, I could see Timothy's channel really growing in popularity due to actionable, practical topics and consistently posting. Timothy is a social worker, researcher, and author in Canada and is also going by the "Zen Social Worker." The channel is meant to empower people to make life-enhancing changes in their lives.

Visit: Timothy Gordon's Channel
Subscribers: 1k+
Monetization: Building and audience, YouTube Ads, funneling audience to website

Notable Mentions

Further Mental Health and Therapist YouTube Channels To Check Out

The Survivor's Guide To Life

The Survivor's Guide To Life's Most Popular Video

Jessica Lang, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) & mental wellness coach helps you learn and grow by talking about all things trauma, the brain, and healing. Every week Jessica shares new information about mental wellness and gives you with tips, tricks, and recommendations to help you or help someone you love on their journey to healing and recovery. Visit: The Survivor's Guide To Life’s channel.

Nu Journeys Counselling

Nu Journeys Counselling's Most Popular Mental Health Video

Marian is a relationship counsellor and the owner of Nu Journeys Counselling. Marian's videos are created to encourage, inspire and motivate couples and to individuals with relationship issues, possibly due to a lack of trust or difficulties in maintaining relationships. Visit: Nu Journeys Counselling's channel.

Shame Proof Parenting

Shame Proof Parenting's Most Popular Video

With a small but growing subscriber base, Mercedes Samudio, LCSW is a Shame Proof Parent Coach on a mission to #endparentshaming. Mercedes’ series, “The Family Couch”, pulls in other experts on family and parenting issues. Visit: The Shame Proof Parenting Channel

Jodi Aman

Jodi Aman's Most Popular Video

Jodi Aman is a psychotherapist and the creator of an online anxiety recovery program. Jodi explains, "I'm an anxiety-tamer, forgiveness-counselor, relationship-coach, guilt-releaser, unconditional-lover, hope-renewer and your greatest fan!" Visit: Jodi’s Channel

Briana MacWilliam

Briana MacWilliam's Most Popular Video

On Briana's channel, Briana MacWilliam provides support, encouragement, tools, insights...everything possible to NURTURE the soul and the compassionate spirit inside. Mostly on relationship topics, Briana provides guidance on overcoming anxiety, fear, and controlling behaviors.Visit: Briana MacWilliam's channel.

Matthew J. Dempsey

Matthew J. Dempsey's Most Popular Video

Matthew seems not to be posting on the regular but the content that Matthew did create is awesome and worth checking out. Matthew is a therapist who creates content around gay men’s issues. Visit: Matthew’s channel.

Texoma Specialty Counseling

Texoma Specialty Counseling, PLLC's Most Popular Video

Dr. Stephanie Waitt at Texoma Specialty Counseling, PLLC creates videos for helping people find balance, peace, confidence, and happiness. "Here I rant, I rave, and I share tips, challenges, concerns, and ways to overcome body shame and dieting, and I share how to accept your body with balance and Bad assery (is that even a word?!?)." Visit: Texoma Specialty Counseling, PLLC's channel.

Dr. Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie Apigian's Most Popular Video

Dr. Aimie, a medical physician and foster adoptive parent herself, brings you the knowledge and tools to heal your child with confidence and competence. It’s not just Attachment Therapeutic Parenting that heals. We have to heal their nervous system and brain – systems that are highly influenced by genetics and environmental toxins and often perpetuate reactivity and high stress. Visit: Dr. Aimie Apigian's channel.

Dr. Emma Gray

Dr. Emma Gray's Most Popular Video

Dr. Emma Gray is the Lead Clinical Psychologist at The British CBT & Counselling Service. On the channel you can find everything you need to know about mental health and how to cope with it. Check out the video therapy courses on topics like anxiety, birth trauma, and relationships. Visit: Dr. Emma Gray's channel.

Inspired? Is Video Something You’ll Do?

Is video a media format that you are considering? If so, would you ever create something like one of these mental health or therapist YouTube Channels?

No doubt videos take a lot of work. There is all the technical stuff, the planning, and also that deeper work of being ok with yourself - and not so self critical that it holds you back.

The way through all of that? Making space for dedicated time and effort to creating video content. But it’s time and effort well spent for the results that you can get and the impact that you can make on positively affecting people’s lives.

I’d love to see any videos that you create! Or hear your comments on the channels above. Reach out anytime. It’s always great to hear from you.

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