(Video) Taking Action with Insights from Let’s Talk 2016

In this special edition of Let’s Talk, I share the simple, actionable advice given by the 9 experts I interviewed in the Let’s Talk series 2016.

The question that I loved asking at the end of every video was something like “what’s one thing a therapist can do right now” so this video is a collection of their answers.

We will discover actionable insights on how to:

  • Improve Your Website’s Copy
  • Start Blogging
  • Market without the guilt
  • Create an online income stream
  • Start video marketing
  • Hire an online business manager
  • Market with your superpower
  • And Start a podcast

Each clip shares a bite sized step that you can take action on today featuring a different expert. Watch the video here and find session notes and links following the video:

Session Notes + Links

Improve Your Website’s Copy

Actionable step by Nicole Bonsol

Go through your website, look at each page, and make sure there is one call to action on every page. Remember that a call to action is simply an invitation to take that next step. For example, a call to action could be to:

  1. Ask your visitor to get your free download
  2. Invite your visitor onto your newsletter or email list
  3. Ask your visitor if they’ll join you on FB or other social media
  4. See if your visitor would like to call for that first consultation or appointment

Importantly: keep it to one or two calls to action – not more! Too many calls to action will lead to website visitors not doing anything.


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Start Blogging

Actionable step by Juliet Austin and Clinton Power

Many therapists feel that they don’t have time to blog. If you feel overwhelmed as it is, juggling your practice, family, and more, give yourself permission to start small. Break it down, start small, and try and stay consistent. Here’s an outline on the how to:

Schedule a time to write for 20-25 minutes per week and when each post will be published

Write on common problems that your clients are struggling with

Posts can be short, even as little as 400-500 words.


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Market Without Guilt

Actionable step by Allison Puryear

Reframe marketing as just letting people know what you provide, that’s all. Loosen up around it, there are going to be blocks, and that’s ok.

Marketing: telling people that you’re there.

Don’t convince anyone that they need to see you. (Please don’t try to convince them). This will help take the pressure off for both you and them!


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Create an Online Income Stream

Actionable step by Jo Muirhead

Here’s an exercise to go through for an idea on creating an online income product:

What are the 5 things you wish every client knew before they turned up in your practice? Take those 5 things and you have…

…5 modules for a training program

…5 modules for a workbook

…5 modules for a video series

…5 modules for a webinar

Remember, just because it is something that is easy for you, and it feels like common sense, that’s only because you spent 5 years and lots of money getting there.

The answer you hold to this question is the bridge that needs to be built towards demystifying therapy services and how they can help. The answer empowers clients to make a better decision.


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Start Video Marketing

Actionable step by Ernesto Segismundo

Ernesto’s top tip for breaking into being a confident video marketer: grab your phone and start talking. Start with something like, “Hi my name is Ernesto and I’m a marriage and family therapist…” and just continue to talk.

Watch the video back and process.

From there, you can start to challenge yourself more and more until you become connected to that part that you are critical about. You’ll be a video marketing superstar in no time!


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Hire an Online Business Manager

Actionable step by Frances J. Harvey

Sit down and make a list of what you have on your plate. Don’t leave anything out, even include feeding the dogs.

Then go over the list and prioritize the top things that you need to get off of your plate and could be done by an OBM. Maybe you could narrow it down to the top 10, or top 5, or even the top 3.

Not everyone can do this process easily as it can be daunting but if you can create this list and discover exactly what you need to get off of your plate, it will streamline the process of finding and bringing on board an OBM.

One thing to help with the overwhelm too is to keep in mind that you won’t be needing to get everything done at once. One step in front of the other is just fine.

Making the list also may show you, clearly in black and white, that the reality is that you were ready like 6 months ago for an OBM.


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Market With Your Superpower

Actionable step by Annie Schuessler

Talking about “About Pages”, let’s go there for our one thing.

The about page is an important place on the website that people often visit right after the home page and where a visitor will get inspired to take the next step. Your about page can be a huge predictor of if a client reaches out to you.

So your one thing to do is to look at your about page with fresh eyes and on a scale of 1-10  how much does it reflect your superpower? How much is it really you? And you at your best?

And then go through and make some changes.

Examples of changes might be getting a new photo, freshening up the language, making sure you are mentioning qualities about yourself, and making sure it sounds like you.

Keep in mind that you can revisit it. You can always be in process with it. A website is like a relationship, you keep coming back and nurturing it over time. And that’s a good thing as it will grow as you do in life and in your private practice.


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Start A Podcast

Actionable step by Melvin Varghese

Don’t let the idea of having to get it perfect stop you from launching a podcast.

If Melvin goes back in time and listens to his first podcasts (listen to the mentioned episode 1 here with Dr. Cory Bank) he now cringes – remembers being so scared, and had a shaky voice.

But had Melvin let the fear keep him from taking action then STC wouldn’t be where it is today. It’s similar to when you are first seeing your first mock client in grad school. It’s the same with a podcast, you aren’t going to get it right the first time.

We have a message to share and we’re trying to put that out in the world. The other stuff will come w time. You’ll get better at interviewing and better at editing.

It’s such a disservice if you let the fear hold you back. So many therapists in the field are so talented and have such enormous perspectives and our voice needs to get out into the world.


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Here’s To Taking Action To Market and Grow Your Practice

With so many choices for what to spend your time on when it comes to growing your private practice it can be hard to know where to start. Breaking large feats like starting a podcast or blog into tiny actions can help turn a mountain into just one step at a time along the path.

When choosing what to focus on next, make sure you’re checking in with what types of marketing activities really resonate and excite you! Instead of being overwhelmed with the “must-dos” of marketing, what if we believed that they are all just ideas and we get to pick the ones that are right for us.

The only true mistakes with marketing are doing nothing at all or choosing to do marketing activities that have no effect. If you’re putting yourself out there and starting to see results. Continue! Flourish. I hope for the absolute best for your practice today and onwards.

I’d love to know: what out of this list of actions inspired you? Are you going to take steps to grow your practice anytime soon? Let me know by contacting me or tweeting me at any time. Would love to hear from you.

Kat Love

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