Therapy Website Design Portfolio & Member Showcase

Check out some of the therapists that are using Empathysites for their unique website.

Francesca Redden Counseling

Francesca is an intuitive counsellor and heart-mind embodiment mentor in Tasmania, Australia.

Jan Fleming Counseling

Jan helps people lower their stress and anxiety through connecting with their strength in B.C., Canada.

Sing Explore Create

Nicole and Julie direct this music therapy, art therapy, and art education practice for all ages in Massachusetts, USA.

Jeremy O'Brien LCSW

Jeremy O'Brien collaborates with his clients to reduce the effects of past trauma and abuse in California, USA.

Emily Swanson, MFT

Emily helps people reconnect with the magic, beauty, and aliveness of nature to better connect with themselves in California, USA.

Elevate Counseling

Jamie founded and leads this group practice providing counseling for kids, teens, and adults in Arizona, USA.

Virginia Gilbert MFT

Virgina helps people struggling with high conflict divorce California, USA.

Dr. Nahumck Therapy

Dr. Nahumck helps individuals and couples reconnect with their authentic selves in California, USA

Bay Area Relationship Center

The Bay Area Relationship Center helps people learn strategies to deepen their bonds in their relationships in California, USA.

Colorado Teen Therapy

Colorado Teen Therapy is a group practice that specializes in working with teens and their parents in Colorado, USA.

Life Loss

Diane helps people move through their grief by providing space to feel in New York, USA.

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